What does pregnancy white discharge look like?

What does pregnancy white discharge look like? Leucorrhea means white water coming from the vulva. This is a problem that girls or women are often shy about telling. This is the reason why she is too shy to go to the doctor. This problem is very common in women. If the white water coming from the vulva is colored like water, then it is not considered troublesome, but if the color of this water becomes milky and there is burning, pain and itching in the vulva with water and smells from the white water and The water is thick, sticky then it means that the woman has some kind of infection. Vagina (vulva) can cause infection by yeast infection, bacterial infection of the sexually transmitted disease, or bacterial infection. Dr. Kusum Sabarwal, Senior Gynecologist at Taravati Hospital in Delhi, says that if a woman has been having white water for a long time, it can cause serious illness such as cancer and can also affect pregnancy.

Does white discharge affect pregnancy know all about leukorrhea
What does pregnancy white discharge look like?

How can white water affect pregnancy? (How can white discharge affect pregnancy?)

Adolescents get white water in the early days of their menstruation. This water can also come after menstruation. There is no need to panic with this white water. But if a woman has frequent white water, frequent urination and smells of white water, then it is a sign of infection. This can affect pregnancy. If a woman is having white water again and again, it means that some kind of infection is working on the uterus. If the uterus has an infection on its mouth, it will spread over the entire uterus. If the uterus is in the stomach, then there will be an infection in the stomach. Then swelling will come and then water will come in the stomach and then infection will occur in the intestine. Sometimes the tubule gets blocked because of which the baby does not stay. This can also lead to miscarriage and pre-mature delivery.

White water problems

If the color of white discharge is changing then see a doctor. In these circumstances, see a doctor.

  1. Urination irritation
  2. Abdominal pain
  3. Pelvic swelling
  4. Frequent menstrual periods
  5. Having urinary infection
  6. Frequent urination and pain in urination
  7. Pain while bonding
  8. pain in the calf
  9. Itching in vagina
  10. Getting Cunt Wet
  11. Back pain and weakness

inside causes of white discharge

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  1. thick white water

This is normal white water. It often occurs before or after women with periods. There is no need to panic in this milky white water. If this white water smells, it means you have yeast infection.

  1. Yellow Vaginal Discharge

If yellow and thick water is coming from the vulva instead of white, see a doctor. This means you have a bacterial infection. This discharge also occurs when a relationship is made over a large space. In bacterial infections, yellow water like pus comes out of the vulva. It contains more smell.

3.Green Vaginal Discharge

Water from this vulva is a serious problem. It is the cause of any serious infection. See a doctor to get rid of this problem.

  1. Sticky water

Fungal infection is caused by wetness. Water is sticky in it. Itching occurs around the vulva.
Causes of white discharge

There can be many reasons for white water. Here are some reasons.

  1. Take care of cleanliness

There is a problem in India that women are less able to pay attention to their bodies. They are unable to pay full attention to their own cleanliness. The effect of this is that they start having many problems. White water from the vulva is caused by not paying attention to the hygiene of the vulva. Wearing the same underwear for several days would increase this problem.

  1. Lack of toilets

If the toilet is not clean, it will cause many other infections besides leukorrhea. This is the reason that toilets were started in India under the Swachh Bharat Mission. If women use dirty toilets, they also increase their chances of increasing infection in the vulva.

  1. frequent urination

According to the doctor, frequent urination also leads to infection. Because frequent urination keeps the vulva part wet and the underwear too wet. Due to which the vulva gets moisture and the chances of bacteria to grow.

  1. Bacterial infection

Bacterial infections of the vulva are very common. Because of this, women have vaginal infections. This infection is also caused by unsafe sex, lack of hygiene, anal infection etc. All these reasons cause problems like vaginal discharge.

  1. Overuse of antibiotics

Many women eat a variety of antibiotics to cure their illnesses. These antibiotics affect hormones and can also cause white water.

  1. Use of contraception

Women use contraceptives to give birth to unwanted pregnancies. These also cause hormones to be imbalanced and many types of physical problems occur. This can also cause white water problems.

  1. Watching sex related content

If a woman talks about sex related movies, magazines or porn, then white water also comes.

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White Water Prevention Measures

  • Doctors say that to avoid this problem, drink plenty of water.
  • Change the pad twice a day at the time of menstruation.
    -Panty wear clean
  • Do not wash undergarments in the washing machine. They should be washed separately.
  • Dry undergarments and wear undergarments.
    -If the husband has any problem, then treat him also.
    Clean the vagina with tissue paper and keep it dry.
    -Use condoms when making connections.

If women ignore white water more than vulva, it becomes a serious disease like cancer. Apart from this, there is a problem in pregnancy. So if someone is having this problem, see a doctor immediately.

What does pregnancy white discharge look like?

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