What do you say to a scared child?

What do you say to a scared child? By the way, if there is a major illness or an operation, then everyone is afraid of the doctor. But if we talk about children, they are afraid of the doctor all the time. Even after having fever, the child would eat the food as soon as the doctor was named and do not even refuse to go to school. In fact, children feel that if they take them to the doctor, they will force them to give injections. Apart from this, there are some psychological reasons that the child is afraid to go to the doctor. Today we are telling you what are the reasons that the child is afraid to go to the doctor and there are some ways that you can make your child famous with the doctor.

Why are the Children Afraid of the Doctor Learn the Reasons
What do you say to a scared child?

The child is afraid of the doctor

Dipping is the biggest reason the child is afraid of the doctor. Actually, children are reluctant to eat medicine. Doctors try to give the medicine through injection so that the child gets rest early. Just this needle of fear settles in his mind and he refuses to go to the doctor.
Doctors give the medicine for at least three days in the disease and tell the parents that the medicine should not be missed even once. In this case, the child feels tied to bitter medicines for 3 days. So he wants not to go to the doctor.

When the child is on medicines, he is forbidden to eat outside food and you know how big children are. Therefore, he wants the fever to be corrected at home and his fast food should also continue.

Take away the child’s fear with these methods

Sometimes parents need their grandparents or someone else to take care of the child. In such a situation, they take the children to the doctor as well. But if the child goes to the doctor with the parents for the first or second time, then he feels a little comfortable. One reason behind this is that when the child’s parents are comfortable with the doctor (which is an unknown person), the child also feels safe with them.
Tell your children about this before taking them to the doctor. Take a toy doctor kit for children and get a white lab coat. After this, play a game of doctor and patient with the children. Make the child a patient and yourself a doctor. Tell the children to open the mouth, take out the tongue, breathe fast, etc. In this way you can tell children about the doctor in playing games.
It is better to checkup the children in the lap of the parents than to checkup the children lying on separate beds. Do not separate children from parents. The child feels quite comfortable in the lap of his parents. Apart from this, when the doctor touches them, they become very insecure for the checkup but when they stay with the parents, they are sure that they are completely safe.

When children refuse to go to the doctor, never tell them ‘Don’t be afraid’, ‘Nothing will happen’, ‘Don’t cry’. Instead, tell them that you know that they do not like the doctor at all, but it is a two-minute job, we will come back immediately. Assure them that you will stay with them all the time. Most children do not want to go to the doctor for fear of injection. In such a situation, never tell the children that you will not feel an injection unless you are confirmed.

What do you say to a scared child?

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