What diet is best for 2 year old?

What diet is best for 2 year old? A good diet chart is very important for the good health of children. If you feed the food according to the age of the child, then it will help in its development, along with the physical development of the child, there will be mental development. If the diet of two-year-old children is good, then in future the way of eating them will be right and immunity will also increase. The child will stay away from minor ailments. In this article, we will learn from Dr. Sanchita Guha, a dietician from Bistupur, Jamshedpur, what to keep in children’s diet, in which all the nutrients are available.

What diet is best for 2 year old?

Do not feed street food by mistake
Experts tell that do not feed street food to the child even by mistake. Keep a child under the age of two away from soft drinks, junk food, cakes, chow mein, soda, ice cream, candy, etc. If you feed these things to the children once, then the children will get addicted to them and will insist on eating them again and again. All these things contain a lot of salt, sugar, chemicals and fats, which harm the body. Many types of diseases can also be caused by this.

Food For Baby
Include nutritious food in the diet
Experts say that a child of two years of age can eat everything that ordinary people eat. Therefore, it is very important to include nutritious food in his diet. If we feed unhealthy food to the child, which we consume somewhere in the daily routine, then it makes the child weak. Fat should be included in the diet of the child because children get energy from fat. Do not feed the child chocolate, chips or fast food. Instead, give fruits in the food. Feed food with less nutritious food three to four times a day. If the mother is not feeding her milk, then nutritious food is very important. Make children consume milk products. Give milk of cow and buffalo to the child to drink. Include milk, curd, peas, green vegetables, eggs, rice etc. in the diet.

make a habit of eating nutritious
Most important, how to feed the baby. Most babies cry a lot before eating. Even after being hungry, do not want to eat and cry. Babies do this because they have to eat what you are not feeding them. They do this when the food is not good. This happens when you make kids get used to delicious food, candy, ice cream, junk food. After that they do not like to eat other things. That’s why babies cry before eating. Therefore, inculcate the habit of nutritious food in the children from the beginning. If he gets used to these foods, he will not cry before eating.

Baby Eating

How to feed if the child refuses
Experts tell that it is very important for the mother to know how to feed the child. First of all, keep a bowl for the child’s diet. Give equal amount of food daily in this bowl. Children waste a lot of food while eating. Teach the child to feed. Always sit in front of the baby while feeding. If he is not in front, he can put anything in his mouth. Interact with the baby while feeding. Feed him in games. Sometimes the child continues to refuse to eat, then seeing the child’s innocence, the family gives him chocolate or snacks instead of food. Do not do this, if the child is refusing to eat, then remove the food plate from there for a while, feed again after some time. Then the child will eat.

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one week diet chart
Include these foods in Monday’s diet
Breakfast – Feed a glass of milk and mix it with roti
Lunch – Give paneer curry and rice to eat
Evening snacks – can be given banana or fruit
Dinner- Serve roti with sarson saag
Give this food in Tuesday’s diet
Breakfast – Egg, oatmeal, milk and banana can be given
Lunch – Give raita, green vegetables, rajma, rice
Evening Snacks- Pineapple and Grapes (note that replace the fruits daily)
Dinner- Serve roti and matar ki sabzi

Include these foods in Wednesday’s diet
Breakfast – Serve chutney and upma
Lunch – Gourd curry, paneer curry and pulao can be given
Evening Snacks – Mosambi juice
Dinner – Khichdi or fish made by mixing vegetables with butter (feed the fish on your own as it has a fork)

Give This In Thursday’s Diet
Breakfast – a glass of buttermilk and dosa
Lunch – Chole curry, cumin rice
Evening Snacks – Banana
Dinner – Any green vegetable and roti (Give only Indian traditional dishes, not fast food etc.)
These can be given in Friday’s diet
Breakfast – Moong dal, bhindi ki sabzi and roti, give a glass of milk to drink
Lunch – Give urad dal, rice, curd, potato bhujia to eat
Evening Snacks – Fruits like oranges, grapes
Dinner – Sattu paratha and curd

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Serve This In Your Saturday Diet

Breakfast – Carrot, Beans, Upma
Lunch – Potato curry and roti
Evening Snacks – Pear or any other fruit
Dinner- Serve rice, mushroom or peas curry

These can be served in Sunday dinner
Breakfast – A glass of milk, ghee or butter-laden paratha
Lunch – Roti, Bean curry, Gram curry
Evening snack – apple or any other fruit
Dinner – capsicum or soybean curry and rice

If you want, you can take expert advice
The information given in the article is for the awareness of the people. If you want to plan a diet for your child or want to know what should or should not be fed to children, then contact the dietician once. At the same time, feed vegetables to children from the beginning, in such a way that they will get used to consuming green vegetables from an early age.

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