What causes over sweating in babies?

What causes over sweating in babies? It is very sad for the parents to see the child in any trouble. In such a situation, parents do everything possible, so that the problems of their children can be removed. How would you feel if you suddenly open your eyes at night and see your child drenched with sweat? Most parents get upset seeing a child drenched in sweat. They start worrying, why are their children sweating so much? If this is happening to your child as well, don’t worry. Today we are going to tell you about this topic in this article. Let us know the answers to all the questions raised in your mind

Baby sweating in sleep causes and prevention
What causes over sweating in babies?

Is it normal for babies to sweat during sleep?
Pediatrician Dr Vikas Kumar Aggarwal of New Hospital, Noida, says that most of the children sweat while sleeping. This is a common thing. But if your baby is sweating profusely while sleeping, it could be a sign of an infection. Therefore, if your child is seeing such symptoms, contact the doctor immediately.

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Why do babies sweat while sleeping?
Common causes of sweating while sleeping
physical activity

When babies sleep deeply, they sweat profusely. The doctor says that children do not turn as much as adults. In such a situation, the baby sleeps in one position for a long time. Due to sleeping in the same position for a long time, the body temperature rises, due to which their body sweats a lot.

room temperature

The high temperature in your room can also cause your baby to sweat more.


Most of the parents think that the child may get cold at night, so they put them to sleep by covering them with blankets. Because of this, the baby’s body temperature rises, due to which your baby may sweat more. OnlymyHealth

sweat gland

Babies have sweat glands unlike adults. Their sweat glands are located close to their heads. Due to which a lot of sweat is seen on his head at night. Most children do not change their head position much at night, due to which their head sweats more.

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unusual causes of sweating while sleeping
If your baby sweats profusely, there could be unusual reasons. Let’s know about this-

congenital heart disease

If your baby has been born with heart disease, he may sweat abnormally. Heart disease occurs to the baby when it is in the mother’s womb. This type of baby may sweat profusely while eating and playing.

Due to SIDS

Due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), a lot of heat starts being produced in the body of the baby. Due to which excessive sweating is seen in their body.

In addition, hyperhidrosis and sleep apnea can cause your baby to sweat profusely.

How to prevent baby from sweating while sleeping
In some easy ways, you can prevent the problem of sweating while sleeping. Let’s know about this-

Control room temperature – Keep the room temperature normal.

Keep baby hydrated – Make babies sleep by giving them plenty of water before sleeping.

Dress the children in the right clothes – Put the babies to sleep in light clothes while sleeping at night.

If babies sweat profusely while sleeping, be sure to contact your doctor. In order to protect the babies from further danger.

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