What causes congenital heart disease?

What causes congenital heart disease? After being born many times, babies look normal from outside but they have a congenital disorder in their heart. In the womb, when the baby’s heart and blood vessels are developing, due to any disturbance at that time, the baby may have congenital heart disease. This is also sometimes due to genetic reasons, but in most cases, problems during fetal development in the womb are responsible. It is estimated that 1 in every 100 children has congenital heart disease. In most of these children, the body self-corrects the disorder sometime after birth, while 25 percent of children may need medical help before the age of one. Infants with congenital heart disease show some symptoms, based on which a dangerous condition can be avoided by making immediate guesses. Let us tell you what are those signs and why are congenital heart disease.

What causes congenital heart disease?
What causes congenital heart disease?

Why are there congenital heart diseases in infants

Heart diseases are already in the family.
Use of certain dangerous drugs during pregnancy.
Consumption of alcohol or drugs during pregnancy.
The probability of a pregnant woman having any viral infection in the first trimester increases.
Increased blood sugar level in diabetes or normal condition

Difficulty in breathing and swelling

If the baby has heart problems since birth, it is likely that he has difficulty breathing. Respiratory problems increase in such infants. This usually includes difficulty breathing and increased respiratory rate, rapid breathing, and voiding during breathing. Inflammation is a common symptom seen in children during childhood or a few months of life. Usually there is no pain in the swelling

Repeated infections in langs

Due to the failure of the heart to function properly, children with congenital heart disease have a significantly increased risk of lung infection. Such children have frequent lung infections. Usually these children can be brought out of danger by treatment at the right time. Contact the doctor immediately if the child has a recurring cough, wheezing, etc.

Visible blueness in the body

Symptoms of blueness in her body can be seen if there is a serious heart problem in the infant. Due to heart disorder, unhygienic blue blood present in the body, mixed with clean red blood, starts flowing throughout the body. In such a condition, indigo appears in the body parts such as the mouth, ears, nails and lips. This condition can be dangerous, so contact the doctor immediately.

Breastfeeding or Sweating

Physically healthy babies breastfeed and sleep for more than 15–16 hours a day. While a congenital heart disorder, the infant does not breastfeed and cries too much. Due to the absence of milk, the weight of the baby starts decreasing rapidly, which can be a serious condition.

Excessive Sweating

Children suffering from heart disease sweat a lot while drinking milk. And some children also experience shortness of breath. Therefore, in such a situation, contact the doctor immediately.

What causes congenital heart disease?

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