What causes bladder infections in men?

What causes bladder infections in men? Bladder infection is also called cystitis and inflammation in the bladder. This problem is quite common among women, but usually men do not suffer from this problem. In some rare cases, men are seen suffering from it. It is estimated that more than half of the women are affected by bladder infection at some time in their lives. Although the disease is quite uncommon in men, the risk of bladder infection also increases with age. This is due to the increase in the size of the scrotum.

Signs and Symptoms of Bladder Infection in Men
What causes bladder infections in men?

Doctors, however, have not yet been able to find out what causes the infection in women compared to men. They are of the opinion that because the urethra of women is shorter than that of men, they are at greater risk of getting this infection. This route is very short. It is about one and a half inches, so the risk of urethra getting affected by bacteria is increased.

bladder infection in men
Symptoms of bladder infection

In a bladder infection, the person is jealous while urinating. This is the most common symptom of a bladder infection.

Excessive urination
Not being able to give up urine completely even after very heavy urination
Strong urine
The color of the urine is red or blackish
Bladder cramps

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In older age people may have significantly more fatigue and or mental dilemma – they can be the cause of more severe bladder infection.

Fever or chills- It can also mean that the infection has affected the kidneys.

When to contact your doctor

When you see signs of a bladder infection.
If the symptoms of infection return after treatment.
Pain while urinating and vomiting, fever, chills and back or abdominal pain. This means that the infection has also affected your kidney. All this also means that your prostate has also been infected or you have had a kidney tumor. Seek medical help immediately under these circumstances.
Burning during discharge from the urethra. These can be symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease or other serious infections. In this case, contact the doctor without delay.

What causes bladder infections in men?

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