What can you take to kill sperm?

What can you take to kill sperm? Statistics show that women are more aware of contraception. Condoms are more commonly used as a contraceptive in the case of men. But for men who do not want to use condoms, there will be an option in the market now. Let’s know in detail what are these options –

Contraceptive Drug for Men
What can you take to kill sperm?

University of Kansas Medical Center
Scientists at the University of Kansas Medical Center in the US are making a contraceptive drug for men, which may prove to be an effective alternative to condoms. For this, two different projects are being worked out by the researchers. The first is H2 gametazole. Researcher Joseph Tash says in this subject, “If semen is not produced completely, there will be no possibility of pregnancy.” According to Joseph, he has been working on this drug since 2001.

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At the same time, in the second project, a drug is being worked on, which will make the body forget the process of making semen. In this, the body will not be able to make semen temporarily.

However, researchers are currently studying the side effects of these drugs in detail and only then will they approve their testing.

What can you take to kill sperm?

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