What can kids take for acid reflux?

What can kids take for acid reflux? Many times the children vomit repeatedly and cry continuously. Mothers are often aware of such situations so try to calm the baby by patting her back or drinking water. But do you know that these symptoms can be of acidity? Yes, acidity is generally considered an illness of the elders. But the lifestyle and diet of today is affecting our health so much that even small children have started getting diseases which were earlier considered only diseases of the elders. Ignoring the acidity problem in children can make them and you very upset. So today we are telling you some important things about this.

Symptoms and Causes of Acid Reflux in Children
What can kids take for acid reflux?

Why is there Acidity?

There is a special valve at the entrance of our stomach, which is made of muscle rings. This is called the lower esophageal sphincter (lower esophageal sphincter or LES). Usually, as soon as we eat something, the valve opens and closes automatically after the food has gone inside. But many times the valve is opened to bring the food inside, but if it is not closed properly or if some part is left open then the acid made by the stomach to digest food goes out of the stomach and into the chest. Reaches in part. Sometimes this condition is called acidity. But if this happens again and again, then acid reflux disease is called. This disease is called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. This problem can happen to any person of any age.

Symptoms of Acidity in Children

Frequent and frequent vomiting
Persistent cough
Refuse to drink milk or eat food
Stuck in the throat with milk or food
To gas
Stomach ache problem
Crying continuously after meals
Sour or pungent taste in the mouth
Weight loss
Having trouble breathing
Pneumonia-like symptoms

How to Protect Young Children from Acid Reflux?

Do not lie baby immediately after feeding.
If lying baby, then put a pillow to raise the head for a short time.
After feeding, keep the baby upright for 30 minutes in your lap so that the acid does not come out of the stomach.
Feed or feed the baby as much as it is hungry. Overeating or drinking can also cause acid reflux.

How to prevent acid reflux in slightly older children?

Do not let children sleep or lie down for at least 2 hours after eating. Feed dinner early, so that children can play or sit.
It is better to feed the children 3 times a day and feed them a little food several times a day.
Make sure that the child does not eat more than he / she needs.
High fat, fried and spicy foods, tea, coffee, cold drinks etc. should be minimized to the child. Consumption of these can also cause acid reflux problem.

What can kids take for acid reflux?

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