What can I give my child for indigestion?

What can I give my child for indigestion? Small children vomit several times after feeding or after feeding. This may be due to poor digestibility of the child. Actually, the digestive system of children becomes weak, so they are unable to digest heavy food easily. Apart from this, children usually like foods made from fine flour, soda, chocolate, etc., which spoil their digestive capacity. Let us tell you the common symptoms seen in children having digestive problems and the essential things for prevention.

Vomiting after meals

Babies usually vomit when they cannot digest milk or other fluids properly. Apart from this, even in older children, wrong food, poor diet, or overeating, the food is not digested properly and causes vomiting. However, vomiting can sometimes be caused by food infections in children. Some wrong habits like eating with dirty hands, eating dirty food or drinking dirty water and drinks can also be responsible for poor digestion. Vomiting is also cured like diarrhea in one to two days. But if the child has more than one vomit, contact the doctor immediately.

What can I give my child for indigestion?

To belch

If your child has a burning sensation in his chest or is giving up dirty burping, then understand that he has acidity. This often happens by eating food at the wrong time. Apart from this, it can also be caused by eating food late at night, consuming the wrong diet or overeating oily food. It is important that children are fed little food in short intervals so that they do not have acidity. Despite this, if the problem of acidity persists, it is better to consult the experts.

Symptoms of diarrhea

If your child goes to the potty more than three times a day and is vomiting, then these symptoms of diarrhea can occur. Diarrhea is caused by bacteria and viruses etc. Apart from this, diarrhea can also occur due to allergies to a particular diet. A physician should be contacted immediately if symptoms of diarrhea appear. In such a situation, treating yourself can be dangerous.

Stomach Ache

Bacteria and viruses can spread easily in children. This happens especially when the vegetables, grains or fruits used in food are not well washed or the hands of children are dirty. Apart from this, if many friends are eating together in the same plate, then bacteria present in one hand gets mixed in the food. These bacteria reach the stomach through hands. Due to this, children may have stomach pain and vomiting. Therefore it is important to keep the hands of children clean. Also, take care of cleanliness while cooking or eating outside.

Become more gas

Gas production in the stomach is a natural action. Generally, children eat and drink many outside things, which make more gas in the stomach. Too much gas in the stomach or frequent gas release can be a sign of poor digestion. However, gas is a common stomach disease, which is cured by prescriptions such as soda, lemon or mint. But if this problem has increased, then you should contact the doctor.

What can I give my child for indigestion?

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