What are the six killer diseases of a child?

What are the six killer diseases of a child? There are many diseases which are generally considered to be the disease of adults or old people, but due to today’s relaxed lifestyle and wrong eating habits, these diseases are happening to children even at a young age. Until now a few years ago, diseases like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and sleep apnea were considered diseases of older people because the percentage of these diseases in children was very low or almost zero, but nowadays these diseases increase rapidly in children. And even small children are seen struggling with these serious diseases.

These Six Adult Diseases Kids Can Get Too
What are the six killer diseases of a child?


Although some people do not consider obesity a disease, but it can not be called a sign of a healthy body. Obesity gives rise to many diseases and the special thing is that diseases caused by obesity affect children quickly and more because their body is weaker than adults in terms of immunity to disease. If we look at the body mass index, the number of obese children in India is in crores. Sometimes it is also genetic, but nowadays obesity has increased rapidly due to eating more of fastfoods and fried foods. Apart from this, children do not do physical exercises these days. Due to this disease is also increasing rapidly.

Most of you consider the disease of increasing blood pressure to be a disease of old age, but nowadays children are also falling prey to this disease. Since there is no symptom of increasing blood pressure slightly under normal conditions, it can be monitored by checking it once or twice a year. Blood pressure increases the risk of many serious diseases of the liver, kidney and heart.

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is also generally considered to be the disease of the elders, but it is now rapidly increasing in children. The biggest reason for this is obesity in children. Because of obesity, the body is not able to completely convert food into energy. This increases the level of sugar in the blood and the cells of the body start damaging the body. To avoid this, children should get into the habit of healthy foods and regular exercise right from the beginning.

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is also a disease associated with obesity and is increasing in children nowadays. Elderly these problems are usually caused by alcohol, but in children non-alcoholic fatty liver has increased rapidly. This disease, like diabetes, is associated with the level of sugar in the blood. Fat increases body fat in obesity. When this fat starts growing around the liver, the liver becomes enlarged and swollen. This is the reason for fatty liver. To prevent this, it is necessary to control obesity.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder and it usually occurs in people of age, but in recent times, many children are coming in the grip of this disease. The main reason for sleep apnea is the increased tonsils in children. Due to this, the child starts snoring in sleep and sometimes he stops breathing at night. The main cause of this disease is also obesity and sleeping incorrectly. If the child eats and exercises healthy things daily, then the chances of getting this disease are greatly reduced.


Stroke is a deadly disease. In recent times, signs of this disease have been seen in many children and due to this many children have also lost their lives. Earlier, this disease was also considered to be a disease of the elderly or half-born, but now children are also becoming victims of this disease. Stroke condition occurs when enough blood does not reach the brain due to a blockage in the veins. Obesity in children is also the main cause of this disease.

What are the six killer diseases of a child?

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