What are the signs of sensitive skin?

What are the signs of sensitive skin? If you have sensitive skin, then you also need to take care of some special things to clean your face. If there are dry patches in the skin or there is a problem of acne in the skin, then you should use the products sparingly and even if you use the face wash of the market, then keep in mind that it does not contain fragrance or foam. UV rays, pollution, products have a bad effect on the skin and if your skin is already sensitive then you should follow the right steps. In this article, we will discuss ways to clean the face properly for people with sensitive skin type. For more information on this topic, we spoke to Dr. Devesh Mishra, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Om Skin Clinic, Lucknow.

What are the signs of sensitive skin?

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Five easy steps to clean sensitive skin (Easy steps to wash face with sensitive skin)

Step 1: Wet your face for face wash

If you have sensitive skin, first of all pay attention to the temperature of the water to wash the face. You should not wash the face with very hot water. You can clean the face with cold or lukewarm water. Put a splash of water on the face, this will remove the dust sticking on the skin. Now clean your hands before washing the face, the face should not be washed with dirty hands.

Step 2: Remove makeup from face

To remove makeup from the face, you should follow an extra step and that is the use of makeup remover. You soak raw milk in cotton and clean the makeup product from the face, do not forget to clean the face as well as the neck. If you apply makeup everyday, then you have to follow this step even before sleeping at night.

Step 3: Apply facewash on face like this (Apply facewash)

Now take out the face wash on your finger, the amount of facewash should be as much as a pea. Rub the face wash between the hands and before that clean your hands thoroughly. Now massage the face wash with the help of hands and apply it on the whole face, you have to keep the hand as light as the massage, do not rub the face wash on the face. Do not apply face wash on nostrils, eyes and lips. For face you should use natural face wash.

Step 4: Wash face

Now wash the face with water. Pour water on the face and while massaging with hands, clean the face wash from the face. Add water till the face wash leaves your hands and face. Now take a clean cloth or towel and pat or dab the face dry.

Step 5: Return moisture to the skin after face wash (Apply moisturizer)

Just doing face wash is not enough, if you have sensitive skin, then face wash can eliminate the skin’s natural oil, so you should give moisture to the skin from outside, for this you can use natural products like aloe vera, shea oil, coconut etc. can also use. Applying moisturizer will keep the skin hydrated. Try to use only natural products, but if you are taking a product from the market, then that moisturizer should not contain fragrance or too much hard chemical.

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How to use face wash with sensitive skin? (Facewash for sensitive skin)
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If you have sensitive skin, then choose a face wash that does not have fragrance. Even if you use a facial wipe, it should not have any fragrance. Dr Devesh told that people think that a face wash with more foam is good, but the face wash and shampoo which have more foam, they eliminate the natural oil of the skin, so use products without foam.

If you have sensitive skin, clean your face with natural products.
If you do not want to apply any product to remove makeup, then using coconut oil will be fine for you because there are chemicals in the market products, people with sensitive skin type should not use any product without doctor’s advice. Doctors do not advise people with sensitive skin to scrub too much, if the skin is sensitive, then you should not scrub more than once a week.

If you have sensitive skin, how many times a day do you wash your face? (How many times you can use facewash)
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If you have sensitive skin, then you should wash your face only twice a day because applying face wash on the skin more than this will end your skin’s natural oil and skin itching and other problems can increase. You have to keep in mind that before sleeping, wash the face after cleaning all the products like makeup from the skin and apply cream and sleep. On the other hand, in the morning, you should splash the face with lukewarm water and let it dry and then wash the face by applying face wash before going out of the house.

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Patch test before selecting facewash

If you have sensitive skin, you can try a patch test before choosing a face wash. To do a patch test, apply the product to a part of the hand and tie that part with a clean cloth and leave it for 24 hours, if there is an infection on the skin, then the product did not suit you and if the skin is the same then you can use the product. can use. Some people are allergic to the product even after doing a patch test on the hand, then you should notice by applying the product that it is not causing problems like burning or swelling, itching. If infection occurs, discontinue use immediately.

People with sensitive skin type must visit the dermatologist once so that they can know the right treatment for the problem happening in their skin, doctor’s advice is necessary before using any product on their own.

What are the signs of sensitive skin?

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