What are the signs of male menopause?

What are the signs of male menopause? Menopause is always associated with hormonal changes that occur with age in women, but it can also occur in men. This problem occurs when there is not enough testosterone production in the testicles of men. Actually testosterone hormone plays an important role in the development of men. Experts say that when hormone levels decrease, men undergo mental and physical changes.

Researchers say that menopause or menopause begins in men after the age of 40. The testosterone hormone decreases by 2 to 3 percent every year. And by the age of 49, testosterone hormone becomes very low. The symptoms of menopause in men may be fatigue, mood swings, hair loss, loss of focus and weight gain. Let’s know about its symptoms.

What are the signs of male menopause?
What are the signs of male menopause?

Male menopause


Symptoms of male menopause


In puberty, high speed cocks, sharp music, fast-paced lifestyle and a tendency to struggle are more visible, but they become the most distant when men are in menopause.

With the menopause of man, the temper, temper and sharpness of nature decreases but irritability increases. Security seems to be given more importance than threats.

Memory decreases and emotionality begins to increase.

A man is never so gentle, so emotional in his youth, as it happens in menopause.

During this time, the sexual desire increases in men. They start thinking more about sex. He feels that he has become more romantic once again. This is the same period when most men, despite being married, are motivated to have relationships with other women.

Like women, they do not have physical changes but symptoms like depression, fatigue, change in mood, inability to concentrate and weight gain.

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Research on male menopause

In some men, irritability, and fret, increase as age increases. One of the reasons for this can also be male menopause. Some research has shown that about a third of men face this condition.

A few years ago, some researchers from Sweden found in a research that it is common for men over the age of fifty five to have symptoms of sweating or feeling hot. This team of scientists at Linköping University also reported that a protein known as CGRP can cause such symptoms in both men and women.

Actually, the presence of this protein causes blood cells to spread, causing perspiration. But at the same time some sex hormones also decrease. Scientists said that if the level of this protein is controlled, then all the problems during menopause can be avoided. In this research, more than 1800 men over the age of fifty-five were interviewed and asked if they had the symptoms found during menopause. They found that men who had a deficiency of the sex hormone testosterone had higher symptoms. His muscles were weakened, he felt less hungry and experienced fatigue.

Male menopause

Identifying Male Menopause

The doctor conducts physical tests to identify male menopause and asks for symptoms. He may also ask for some other diagnostic tests that may be the reason. After this, he may also ask for some blood tests which can be helpful in measuring testosterone levels.

Treatment of male menopause

If testosterone levels are low, testosterone replacement therapy can help relieve symptoms such as decreased sex (decreased libido), depression, and fatigue. But testosterone replacement therapy has potential risks and side effects compared to hormone replacement therapy in women. For example, changing testosterone can make prostate cancer worse.

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If you or someone is considering pre-androgen replacement therapy, talk to your doctor first to learn more about it.
Your doctor may advise you to make some lifestyle changes such as a new diet or exercise program, or other antidepressants to reduce some of the symptoms of male menopause.

While this is a natural process, to avoid the side effects of this problem, men should exercise because the loss of testosterone hormone affects muscles and bones and increases the possibility of type two diabetes.

What are the signs of male menopause?

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