What are the signs of a mini stroke in a man?

What are the signs of a mini stroke in a man? Stroke is also known as brain attack. When a brain attack occurs, the blood and oxygen do not reach the person’s brain properly. Due to which the brain cells of the person’s place start dying. This condition can be quite fatal. Due to this the person can become disabled. Even in some situations, it can make a person’s life. However, some symptoms are seen when a stroke occurs, and if these symptoms are identified in time and medical aid is provided to the person immediately, then the situation can be handled to a great extent. Stroke can happen to either men or women. So, today we are telling you about the symptoms of stroke in men-

What are the signs of a stroke in a male?
What are the signs of a mini stroke in a man?

Do FAST Test

The FAST test is the easiest way to identify a stroke. You can use the FAST test to check for the most common symptoms of stroke on your own or someone else’s.

F (face) Face: Slanting of the mouth.
A (arm) arm: sudden loss of one or both hands.
S (speech) Speech: Difficulty in speaking or tongue stuttering or loss of voice.
T (time): Time is very important in stroke. On seeing these symptoms, note the time and take them to the hospital immediately.

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Other Affected Parts

Stroke not only creates problems in your face, hands or speaking, but also affects other parts of your body. In such a situation, stroke can also be identified by changes in other parts of the body. Symptoms seen in these different parts are-

Eyes: Sudden difficulty in seeing in one or both eyes

Face, arms or legs: sudden paralysis, weakness or numbness

Stomach: a feeling of stomach discomfort

Body: Feeling tired or having trouble breathing

Head: Sudden and very severe headache without any reason

Feet: Sudden dizziness, difficulty walking, or having balance

Symptoms of stroke mainly depend on which part of your brain it is affecting. Stroke often affects only the left or right part of the brain.

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No Delay At All

As such, if there is any health problem, it is very important to identify it early so that the situation can be handled. But it is even more necessary to identify the symptoms as soon as possible if a stroke occurs. If there is a delay in getting treatment when a stroke occurs, then neurons start to die and adults are unable to regenerate those neurons. In such a person can become disabled for life. Therefore, identify and treat it in time.

What is the fastest way to check for a stroke?

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