What are the effects of noise pollution on human health?

What are the effects of noise pollution on human health? Noisy environment can prove very dangerous for young children. Many times in childhood, when children disturb you during work, you catch them by playing songs on mobile or by playing TV and make them sit. This keeps the child’s mind and he does not bother, but this noisy environment can affect the child’s development. If your child is slowly getting into the habit of reading music or music by playing songs, then also be careful. Noise is dangerous for children. Let us tell you what are the dangers of keeping children in a noisy environment.

Noise Affects your Childs Mental and Physical Health
What are the effects of noise pollution on human health?

Brain development is affected

Constant noise in the ears affects the brain development of children. It is harmful if the sound of TV, the sound of songs on mobile, the sound coming from the radio or washing machine is continuously heard for more than a few hours. Due to this, mental development of children below two years is impeded. Apart from this, many times they do not have any problems in childhood, but may face all kinds of problems in future.

Risk of many diseases increases

Due to being in contact with the noise for more than 6 hours in a day, the formation of blood arteries in the brain of children stops. Long-term effects increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and rapid aging. Apart from this, if children watch TV or listen to music with very loud voice while studying, then it affects their ability to learn, remember and understand.

Memory is affected

Reading in noise also has its effect on recollection. Actually, no one remembers reading in noise. Not only this, the things learned or said in noise are not remembered even for a long time. If there is a TV or music system running in the house at all times, then the memory of the children starts becoming weak. It is easy, if the memory was weak from childhood, then by coming to youth it becomes an integral part of their nature. It is undoubtedly not right for a better future.

Just as a quiet environment attracts new things, in the same way a noisy environment removes learning from new things. Actually, new things are not understood in noise. Especially science or mathematics. These topics are neither understood in the noise nor could there be any interest in them. Anyway, it is necessary to have both interest and desire while learning new things. Noisy environment does not allow interest. This is why in noise we are often afraid of learning new things.

Concentration ability

All the research confirms that noise reduces children’s smartness. At the same time, research also shows that reading in a calm environment keeps them focused. Since the surroundings are quiet, the emphasis of the children remains on learning. Therefore, you can say that children learn faster and their concentration capacity is also better due to the quiet environment. So, whether children are small or big, they prefer only a peaceful atmosphere at home.

What are the effects of noise pollution on human health?

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