What are the early signs of congestive heart failure?

What are the early signs of congestive heart failure? Heart diseases are usually congenital in children. These are known as heart disease in children. It is a common term used to describe birth defects and affects the normal functioning of the heart. Congenital heart disease is the biggest cause of heart disease in infants and children. These disorders arise from defects during development in the heart and large blood vessels in the womb. Its symptoms and some signs are as follows.

Symptoms of Heart Problems in Children
What are the early signs of congestive heart failure?

Symptoms of heart disease in children

Congenital heart disease is caused by the structural or functional dysfunction of the heart during its formation in the embryonic stage. Symptoms of severe heart failure are usually recognized as long as the baby remains in the uterus or soon after birth. But in some cases it is not recognized until the child is older and sometimes it is not recognized until they become adults. The symptoms here may prove helpful in identifying the symptoms of congenital heart disease.


In heart disorders, unclean blue blood, mixed with clean blood, starts flowing throughout the body. In such a condition, indigo appears in the body parts such as the mouth, ears, nails and lips.

Recurrent lung infections

Due to the failure of the heart to function properly, children with congenital heart disease have a significantly increased risk of lung infection. Such children have frequent lung infections.

Respiratory problems

Respiratory problems are increased in such children. This usually includes difficulty breathing and increased respiratory rate, rapid breathing, and voiding during breathing.

Excessive fatigue

Children become easily tired or breathing fast during exercise or any physical activity. And in some cases even faint.

Trouble drinking milk

Some children are not able to breastfeed or drink milk when they have congenital heart disease, due to which their weight starts dropping rapidly.

Excessive sweating

Children suffering from heart disease sweat a lot while drinking milk. And some children also experience shortness of breath.

Inflammation is a common symptom seen in children during childhood or a few months of life. Usually there is no pain in the swelling.
How to protect children from heart diseases

If you notice such symptoms in your child, seek the advice of a good specialist immediately. In such cases, the doctor first asks to recognize the symptoms and do some tests, after which it is known that your child has a heart disease.

What are the early signs of congestive heart failure?

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