What are the common problems in running techniques?

What are the common problems in running techniques? Running can be very beneficial for anyone. However, the benefits due to running have different effects on the body of a woman or a man. If we talk about women, then most of the women prefer to run in today’s era because they want to keep themselves fit. But while running, certain parts of her body, which are very important in any woman’s body, can be affected (Side Effects). This is to say of Dr. Ranjana Bacon (Gynecologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Ghaziabad). She explains that running can affect women’s breasts to the uterus. But women are unaware of this. Therefore, it is very important for women to have complete and correct information about this subject.

Common problems faced by female runners
What are the common problems in running techniques?
  1. Breast size may be bad (Running May Affect Breast)

If you like running, then you hardly know that running can cause bad effects in your breast. Because the most impact is on the breast while running. She tolerates a lot of force. Because of this any kind of bounce can also affect your running form. To avoid this, you should choose the bra in the correct size of the breast. If it is padded then it is even better.

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  1. Normal discharge can occur

If you feel discharged during running, there is no reason to panic. According to research, discharge discharge occurs whenever a woman is running or when she exercises on abdominal pressure, which is normal. The whole body is active while running, and there is also pressure in the stomach, and due to that pressure, discharge starts. Wear thin liners and cotton panties while running. Thick cloth panties may cause you to have abnormal bacteria, itching, or poor pH levels around the vagina.

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  1. There can be an increased risk of infection.

Sweating during running is bound to occur. But this sweat can become a problem for you. While running, there is a problem of sweat around Vajina. Due to which the thighs start to rub. If you do not dry sweat quickly, there is an increased risk of infection in the urethra. To avoid this, wear cotton panties. Also use anti-bacterial products. However, it does not matter what you are wearing and running, the difference depends on what precautions you are taking. You must take a shower after running.

  1. Possibility of Urinary Leakage may occur

Yes, research also confirms that, whenever a woman is running, her pelvic floor muscles are weak at that time, they may have to suffer urinary leakage. These problems mostly occur to women who have recently become mothers, or who are experiencing hormonal changes during monopause. Due to this, the inner parts of the uterus become loose and the urinary leakage problem starts while running. You must take bathroom breaks during running.

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  1. Chafing Can Happen in lower back

You may feel that there is increasing problem of lower back chewing or rashes. This problem is similar to that which occurs in the breast or nipples. You don’t have to worry about it. You can reduce your tingling and irritation by applying any good anti-chewing balm before running. Wear a cotton ball snug so that your thighs do not rub against each other while running.

If you run, it is possible that you are also going through one of these problems. If you are not aware of the changes happening in yourself, then it can be very harmful for you. If you follow all the tips mentioned above, then you will not face any kind of problem from running.

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What are the common problems in running techniques?unners

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