What are the causes of exam stress?

What are the causes of exam stress? All the board’s 10th and 12th results are going to be declared. Every year lakhs of children sit in the 10th and 12th board exams of UP board, Bihar board, CBSE board and other states. During this time, the children are first stressed by the stress of examination and then the result, while the parents are worried about further studies, better career and bright future of the child. Many times children fall prey to stress and depression due to low number in the examination. Many times parents also pressurize children due to lack of expectations. Stress can be dangerous to the brain in children. In such a situation, how can children stay away from stress and how can parents help them, let us tell you.

What are the causes of exam stress?

Expert Told Tips to Reduce Result Stress

Dr. Ram Ashish Yadav, Medical Officer of Siddharth Nagar Uttar Pradesh, states, “A few days before the result comes, all the parents bring their children and tell them that their child is sad and depressed. Some children have food- Problems such as quitting drinking and weakness are also seen. This is all due to the stress resulting from exam results. Nowadays parents put so much pressure on children about their careers that the child is stressed inside and sometimes depression One becomes a victim of a dangerous problem. After the result, cases of child suicides in our country have also increased considerably. “

Dr. Ashish further states that, “Parents do not pressurize the children, on the result, ask the child to relax and treat them lovingly. Increase children’s confidence so that the child can face difficult situations. Hitting and beating is wrong. ” These tips are helpful in reducing the result and exam stress-

Do not think about the numbers before the result

Children often start thinking about the result 3-4 days before the result, due to which they become a victim of stress. Keep your mind calm before the result. When you get to know the results, then the way forward will also be seen accordingly. If your numbers have also gone bad in any subject, you can correct your numbers by rechecking or reggaeam.

Do your favorite work

Result of exam instead of taking stress on the next day, do your favorite work like listening to songs, watching movies, playing games or eating food etc. You can avoid stress by this.

View results with parents

Usually, children want to be alone while watching the result of the exam, so that they do not have to face the anger of the parents if the result is bad. But if you want to avoid stress, then it is better to check the results with your parents. By doing this, your good or bad results are in front of the parents, so that you do not bother to face them later. Apart from this, parents can tell you more about further studies or options.

Bad results do not spoil your career

Both children and parents should understand that the low number or poor result in any examination does not claim that the child’s career will be bad. Children should be motivated to work harder and bring better results in the next examination, not to scold or kill them if the results are poor.

How to help parents reduce the stress of the result

The more the parents talk to the children about the result, the greater will be the stress of the children. In such a situation, parents should try not to talk to the child about it before the result comes.
Parents do not anticipate any result in advance, which the child cannot easily complete. Not every child in the world can be a school topper or a district topper. If the child does not work hard, then you should explain it and explain it a little strictly if needed. But after the result comes, do not put any pressure on it, because the child cannot change the result after scolding.
Many parents start connecting children to their numbers with respect and dignity. Note that the number of children in the exam will neither reduce nor increase your social value.
Some parents compare their child’s numbers to the numbers of children of relatives and neighbors. No matter how young the child is, he has his own self-esteem and self-confidence. When you compare him to another child, his self-esteem gets hurt and confidence is low. So do not compare your child. Always make him realize that he is unique.
Parents Motivate the children and explain to them how the examination results are, you will love them as much as they have done before.

What are the causes of exam stress?

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