What are the autism disorders?

What are the autism disorders? Autism is a type of mental disorder. Although more children are suffering from this disease, they can be of any age. This is why people consider autism a disease of children. Children with autism usually learn things late and their brain also responds to things late. This is the reason why some people consider children with autism to be retarded, they cannot be cured. But if such children are raised properly, then these children can lead normal life like other children. The number of children with autism has increased considerably in the last few years. The reason for this is the changing lifestyle, health and diet of women.

There are many misleading rumors spread about sensitive disease like autism in our society, due to which the children of this disease are not given the right chance of development. Let us tell you the truth of 5 such rumors related to autism.

What are the autism disorders?

Autism makes children retarded

Some people feel that the children of autism do not get mixed up in the society and hesitate among the people. People feel that such children are retarded. But let us tell you that there are some symptoms of autism, which you may find very common and may also occur in your child. like-

Delay in learning to speak
Having trouble speaking with eyes
Not interested in sports and not making friends
Listen to the elders
Sitting, sitting, shaking, or moving your body
Always make up your mind and annoy people
Irritability in nature and very angry

There is no Cure for Autism

This is the biggest misconception associated with autism that its victims cannot be cured. Autism is not a disease, but an intelligence skill, so it can be developed after a little effort. Children with severe autism can also be developed with some drugs, proper diet and training in such a way that they can mix with other people and lead a good social life.

Autism patients can be identified by seeing

People think that children with autism can only be identified by looking at them, because they have some common symptoms such as not standing upright, not keeping the arm straight, getting confused, having eyes twisted, etc. But let us tell you that there are some symptoms of autism, which cannot be identified by looking at a person. like-

To speak or stutter while speaking
Delay or difficulty in learning the language
Can not convince people
Lose sight of all the time

Autism is detected only in childhood

People feel that children with autism are detected from childhood, because their behavior is different from normal. But this is not true. Many times the child’s autism is not known to you until he starts going to school because before that all his activities may seem normal to you. However, if the child is suffering from severe autism, it can be detected even after 6 months.

Autism victims are only children

Autism is a mental disorder that can occur at any point in life. Many times the symptoms of this mental problem start appearing in people after being young. Such people do not have to face any major problems since childhood, but later on they do not develop properly due to social and communication skills. It is therefore wrong to assume that autism is a disease of children.

What are the autism disorders?

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