What are the 3 stages of TB?

What are the 3 stages of TB? TB (tuberculosis) is a dangerous infectious disease. Whose grip is coming not only in adults but also children. TB is also called tuberculosis or tuberculosis. It is a lung related disease that is directly attacking children. This causes difficulty in breathing for children. Due to the fragile parts of children, TB is more effective on them. Child can also die due to this deadly disease. Therefore, parents should take special care of their child. Do not ignore any symptoms of TB in your child, seek medical advice immediately.

What are the 3 stages of TB?

Types of tuberculosis in children

Tuberculosis can be of many types in children. like-

Child TB
Progressive Primary TB.
Miliary TB.
TB of the brain.
Tuberculosis of bone.

TB inChildren From Parents

In most children, TB is more in organs other than lungs. Which is called extra pulmonary TB. A major cause of TB in children can also be its parents or family members. If someone in your family has TB disease, your child is more susceptible to the disease. The reason behind this is that if the child comes in contact with a TB patient, then there is a greater risk of TB. It is difficult to identify TB in children. In general, the symptoms of TB in a child are as follows.

Coughing Up

The biggest symptom of TB is persistent cough. If your child coughs for two weeks or more, it can be a symptom of TB. The main symptoms are the child’s first dry cough and later coughing up blood in the mucus. Apart from this, in TB disease, the child may have to stop breathing during coughing and the child may become breathless while breathing and due to lack of oxygen may also faint. Do not ignore all these symptoms. Timely treatment is prevention.


Tuberculosis germs reach the lungs and body and other organs very quickly. In progressive primary TB, the child is more ill. Due to this, the child has mild fever. Because of this, the child also gets more irritable. This is why the child starts sweating while sleeping. In this, the child gets fever and descends. So many times parents take it lightly.

Lose Weight

Children can also suffer from malnutrition and anemia due to TB. A child starts losing weight when he has TB. Apart from this, the child’s appetite decreases or the child is weak even after eating fine food. So, parents should keep this in mind. If your child’s weight is steadily decreasing, then check the health of the child.

Stay Dull

The child’s immunity is reduced due to cough and fever. Due to which the energy of the child is greatly reduced. In such a child the child feels sluggish and tired. The child starts feeling tired even when walking or playing and does not feel like playing any kind.

Impact on the Skin

TB also has a profound effect on the skin of the child. Because the child’s skin is very fragile, the child’s skin starts to read yellow when there is TB. TB has many other bad effects on a baby’s skin, which can cause a stain or allergy on the skin.

Parents Remember These Tips

If you see any symptoms of TB in the child, then take the advice of the doctor and get the TB course done.
Until the TB patient is fully cured, keep the child away from the TB patient.
Districts can inform the TB officer when TB is detected. This will help you in treatment.
Do not kiss the child on the face or mouth, this also increases the risk of TB of the child.
If there is a small child in the house, do not smoke in the house. Smoking can also cause TB risk to a person as well as a child.
Provide nutritious and balanced diet to the child, this makes the treatment of TB easier.

What are the 3 stages of TB?

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