What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency?

What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency? Iron is very important for all of us. Iron is a major part of hemoglobin. Two-thirds of hemoglobin is iron. It is the iron that carries the fresh oxygen from our lungs to the whole body. If there is deficiency of iron in the body, then the body does not get iron properly and the body becomes weak. Apart from this, lack of iron can also cause many problems to the body. Iron deficiency in children is at risk of pediatric blood cell disorder.

Iron Deficiency in Children can Lead to Risk of Pediatric Blood Cell Disorder
What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency?

What is pediatric blood cell disorder

Pediatric blood cell disorder is a blood cells problem in children. These problems related to white blood cells, which affect only white blood cells ie white blood cells. White blood cell is essential for our immunity. This disorder occurs only when bone marrow, the bone marrow, produces a large or very small amount of white blood cells. When there is a deficiency of white blood cells in the body, then it is not able to save the body from normal infection. Whereas more than normal white blood cells are likely to cause leukemia and some other types of infections.

Why platelets are important

Platelets present in our body prevent the blood flowing through a clot due to an injury. Due to a disorder in the blood cells, the platelets do not form correctly and the blood clots after injury. Blood disorders affect red blood cells and white blood cells equally, besides it affects platelets. Bone marrow also affects the blood present in tissues. Red blood cells provide oxygen to our body parts and tissues. Whereas white blood cells protect the body from all types of infections. Platelets help in the formation of blood clots. Therefore, if there is a blood cell disorder in the body, then the whole body is affected.

Why is this problem

The most familial causes are responsible for blood cell disorders. Mostly this problem occurs from the parents to the child. If a mother is deficient in iron during pregnancy, she is deficient in red and white blood cells, causing genetic problems such as polycythemia vera. If the child has an autoimmune disease (eg lupus), it begins to eradicate blood platelets. This reduces the ability of blood clotting, which leads to more bleeding when the injury occurs. Apart from this, there are many other diseases which rapidly destroy the white blood cells. In such a situation, bone marrow is not able to produce white blood cells as fast as they are destroyed and the problem starts growing.

If you have any type of disorder in your blood cells, it can cause problems like – anemia, sickle cell anemia. Anemia is a problem of anemia. Anemia occurs when there is anemia in the body. Whereas sickle cell anemia is a type of anemia that is mostly due to genetic reasons. This disease affects red blood cells.

What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency?

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