What are some common postpartum complications?

What are some common postpartum complications? Being a mother in India is nothing short of an achievement. There is a saying in our society that when a woman becomes a mother, then she is a full woman. In fact, different women may have different experiences after becoming a mother. Most new mothers face many problems in the early days, but they are seen to be negligible in the face of the joy of the birth of their baby. At the same time, in some cases, it has been seen that after giving birth to a child, the woman’s heart becomes distressed and the woman becomes a victim of depression. This is called postpartum depression in medical language. Sometimes this depression is so severe that a woman can even think about harming her child. After having a child, there are not only physical changes in women, but their mental status also changes. You will be surprised to know that every year more than 10 million women in India become victims of this postpartum depression (PPD). Today we are telling you the true story of one such woman, who was a victim of postpartum depression. Dr. Anu Chauhan, a resident of Noida, is a professor by profession. When she gave birth to her first child 4 years ago, she herself suffered from depression-like symptoms. Let’s know from them what they felt.

Postpartum depression know the symptoms causes and treatment by experts
What are some common postpartum complications?

Anu went into depression after delivery

Anu Chauhan says that “My stomach was torn in the hospital and the people present there were paying attention to the child instead of me.” I was not paying any attention to the pain I came out of. The first boy in the family was born, so the entire focus of the family was on the child. Then I went into depression. My depression was understood by my office colleague and told me that this depression after delivery is called postpartum depression. Despite being aware of it, I was getting irritable. I was a stylish and fashionable girl and after delivery all my clothes had become small, the stress of this is till date. I have been trying till date to get back my earlier figure. Many of my nights were cut in such a way that there was only crying. “

“I was always a free girl, but I was imprisoned at home after having a child. No matter how many meds are made at home, but still the child was worried. I started to feel like a cow that was tied with pegs. Then I could not bear the stress of office, child and home. My husband used to get all this anger. My husband helped me a lot during that period. In an attempt to understand these things of Anu, we have also talked to a female psychologist.

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What does a psychologist say?

Psychologist Dr. Aruna Bruta, retired professor and private practitioner of the Department of Psychology of the University of Delhi, says, “While postpartum depression is very common, most people are not aware of it.” Postpartum depression often occurs in women. This depression occurs when she delivers the baby. There is sadness in it. Thoughts gain a lot of speed. There is a lot of worry ahead. Will I be able to do something or not or why did my mother-in-law come. Such thoughts start coming to mind. The mood of the woman seems to be in a bad state most of the time, in which the woman does not want to love the baby, does not want to be carried in the lap and does not want to feed the baby. Not because she has any rebellion, but she does not mind. “Doctor Bruta says that” If there is no history of depression or mania in a woman, then it is called postpartum depression. “

Feels like killing the child or dying himself

Gynecologist Gunjan Bhatnagar at Jindeep Hospital and IVF Center in Gonda says, “Most people in India don’t know what is postpartum depression (PPD).” But it is very common among women. “He said that” postpartum is of two types. One postpartum blues and the other postpartum depression. Postpartum blues are not very dangerous. He can recover with the support of the family. But in severe cases of postpartum depression, we tell the family to keep the child away from the mother for now. ” That many times I feel like killing a child. Or feels like dying on its own. Then we consult them. “

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Cause of postpartum depression

According to psychiatrist Dr. Aruna Bruta, the following causes of depression can be-

Postpartum depression occurs because many biochemic changes occur in the body and mind after having a child. The hormones of the brain and body are found together in one fiber. Excessive imbalance in these leads to postpartum depression.

Genetic history is the second cause of postpartum depression. Many times there is a genetic history of the patient. For example, if this postpartum depression occurs in blood relations, it can happen even further.

-Postparty depression is more likely to occur for people who already have mood swings. The doctor says that if these mood swings are before delivery then it is called bipolar depression but if it is happening after delivery then it is called postpartum depression.

  • Postpartum depression even if the family pulls are visible. This happens when you are very low. Can not sleep at night. Slow down occurs.
    Treatment of postpartum depression
  1. Gynecologist Dr. Bhatnagar says that postpartum depression woman feels stress, anxiety, fear and anger after delivery. In such cases, we counsel the patient. And tell them that you are not alone to face this problem. Every woman faces it.
  2. Dr. Bruta states that postpartum depression can be cured with family support. If the family realizes that the woman is not feeding the baby or is not moving from the bed, then do not assume that she is showing evidence, but she is suffering from a disease, which she needs treatment.
  3. According to Doctor Bruta postpartum depression can be cured with family support. Apart from this, it can also be corrected by exercising, walking, etc.
  4. Doctor Bruta states that in many cases the patient has to be given medication. If he has to give medicine, the child has to stop feeding. Have to feed the top.
  5. Doctor Bruta pointed out that every disease has an intensity level like mild, moderate and sware. If there is moderately postpartum, then it is also better than psychology such as counseling and therapy. But if it is moderate (light-hearted) and severe (severe), then the medicine has to be given to the woman. Postpartum depression is a very common problem, which usually occurs in every woman. But the problem is that many women are not aware of it. Because of this, she could not get it treated properly. Many times, she lives out in this trauma. The second biggest reason is that even doctors in India do not tell the patient that there is a mental disease called postpartum depression. Due to lack of information, it is not treated properly. However, now gradually new mothers are understanding this disease.

What are some common postpartum complications?

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