What are 5 healthy snacks?

What are 5 healthy snacks? Obesity in children is increasing more than ever. This is also because most children do not get enough physical activity. They do not burn as much calories as they eat. These imbalances contribute to the problem of weight gain in children. In such a situation, parents should divide the food of the children into small parts and take care of its timing. In such a situation, small appetites of children should be tried with healthy snacks. In this case, a healthy routine is ‘postgame snacks’, that is, to give children some healthy food immediately after the game. At the same time, giving post game snacks to children also has many health related benefits. Let’s know about it in detail.

What are 5 healthy snacks?

The Science Behind Snacking

Recent research from Brigham Young University has found that today’s postgame snacks are actually more effective than calories, which children typically burn calories at play time. Researchers observed the snacking habits of 3G and 4G grade football, football, baseball and softball players during 189 games. He monitored the players’ physical activity as well as the calorie intake of postgame snacks. They found that children burned an average of 170 calories per game, with an average of 213 calories in their snacks. While sugar was added in about 90 percent of those postgame snacks, an average of 26.4 grams of sugar per serving. This is more than the total recommended daily sugar intake for children of 25 grams. Part of the problem comes from the lack of physical activity commonly occurring during these games. According to this study, children received an average of 27 minutes of activity per game, which further improved children’s physical ability.

Snacks and toddlers

Toddlers cannot eat much while sitting and they often feel hungry before the next meal. At this age, children may need to eat five or six times a day. Eating three times and snacks two to three times. But it is also very important to strike a balance between these two. So you can start a pattern like this, like calming the kids with breakfast just before the meal, which can reduce their hunger and make them ready to try new foods on the table Can do. Prescribed snacks served at the same time every day make children a stronger sense of control. There may be some alternatives to healthy snacks, such as

-Low sugar, whole grain breakfast
-Cheese Slice

Healthy snacks for pre-school children include:

-Red fruits
-Baked Biscuits

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Snacks for school children:

Low sugar, low-sugar milk, whole grain breakfast
-Low Fat String Cheese
– Fruit Smoothie
-Nuts and Raisins

Healthy snacks for teenagers include:

Veggie low fat dip
Low Fat Eating Products
-Fresh or dried fruits
– Popcorn
-hard boiled eggs
– Grain and healthy protein

Post game snacks are benefical for your Child Health

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