What age group is the most suicidal?

What age group is the most suicidal? Worldwide cases of suicide of teen age children are increasing rapidly. According to the World Health Organization, every 40 seconds a person commits suicide in some part of the world. The World Health Organization celebrates World Suicide Prevention Day, that is, World Suicide Prevention Day, on 10 September every year. Depression, alcoholism, behavior, violence etc. are generally the cause of suicide among the youth. But now-a-days, internet is also the main reason for youth committing suicide worldwide.

What age group is the most suicidal?

Cyber ​​bullying is the reason

Cyber ​​bullying is currently the leading cause of suicide among youth. Cyber ​​bullying is done through internet, messages, apps, social media, forums and games etc. In this type of bullying, some people create fake IDs or applications and trap people in their web and then blackmail them through their private information or photo-videos. Young people get caught up in these matters early because they have attraction towards the opposite sex or sometimes they want to get everything fast. It is important to keep children away from these things and it is important to keep a little information about children’s internet usage, apps installed in their mobiles. If this is not possible, then at least keep an eye on the behavior change of children.

Pornographic photos and videos

As fast as the Internet has become a part of the lives of people, especially young people, the faster it is snatching their lives. While chatting on social media, dating sites, websites and private groups, people get so many times that they do not hesitate to give their personal information and photos to others. In most cases these photos and videos are viral in some wrong way. After this, young boys and girls choose the path of suicide due to fear of insult and slander or due to depression. Therefore, explain this thing to children right from the beginning that they should not share any such information on the Internet, which will cause them trouble later.

Need to spend time with children

Teenage children or younger usually seek love and respect. In today’s busy life, when they do not get this love and respect from home, family or society, they try to find it on the Internet. Instead of any creative work, most teen age children nowadays spend unnecessary time watching and reading things on the Internet. So it is important that parents give time to the children, talk to them and stand with them in their problems. Loneliness gradually makes children prone to depression. When children are unable to speak to anyone, they choose the path of suicide.

Distinguish between real and virtual worlds

At a young age, it is difficult for children to understand that there is a difference between real and virtual worlds. Teen age children believe and believe everyone who appears on social media sites and dating sites on the Internet. Cheating on love and cracks in relationships on the Internet is also causing suicide nowadays. In such a situation, you should tell the children right from the beginning that they should trust those around them, not those they do not know.

Monitor Children’s Behavior

There are many changes in a person’s behavior before suicide. Depression, stress or anxiety is usually reduced by telling someone else what your heart is about. Therefore, it is better that when you see little change in the behavior of children, then talk to them and try to remove their problems. At such a time, if the child has made a big mistake, do not beat or scold him, rather explain with love and try to solve the problem.

What age group is the most suicidal?

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