Ways to use milk for soft and shiny hair

Ways to use milk for soft and shiny hair: Are you afraid to use the conditioners available in the market? Actually, there are conditioners available in the market, in which the chemical is very high and there is a risk of hair damage from them. If you are thinking about a home conditioner i.e. want a chemical free conditioner, then milk can be the best option for you.

Milk is effective in bringing back the lost shine of the hair. It makes the hair soft and shiny and enhances your beauty. Girls, women adopt many ways to make their hair beautiful. For this, they take expensive hair treatments, use hair products. But if you want, you can get the hair you want by using only milk as a conditioner. Learn how to use milk as a conditioner from beauty expert Pooja Gayle (Raw Milk Benefits for Hair)-

Ways to use milk for soft and shiny hair
Ways to use milk for soft and shiny hair

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Raw Milk and Rose Water
To make your hair soft and beautiful, a conditioner prepared with milk and rose water is a great home remedy. Its use will make the hair shiny. Along with this, the hair will get nourishment and the problem of hair fall will go away.

Raw Milk : 6 tsp

Rose Water: 3 tsp

To make this conditioner, first of all mix these two ingredients well.
To use it, first wash your hair with shampoo.
After this, apply conditioner of milk and rose water on the hair.
Massage the hair well with this. Leave it like this for 10-15 minutes, after that wash the hair with clean water.
You can use this natural conditioner twice a week.
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Milk and Honey
Using a conditioner prepared from milk and honey provides moisture to the hair, due to which the hair does not become dry. If you want to give moisture to your hair, then you can use this conditioner. Honey moisturizes the hair and makes it shiny. Milk makes hair soft. It straightens frizzy hair.

Raw Milk : 4 tsp

Honey : 1 tsp

Mix these grains well and prepare the mixture.
Now apply it on the hair after every shampoo.
Leave it on the hair for 10-15 minutes, after that wash the hair thoroughly with water.
Hair will get nourishment from this conditioner and there will be moisture in the hair.
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Milk and Lemon Juice
The mixture of milk and lemon is very effective in making the hair beautiful. Its use removes dandruff from the hair, as well as it makes the hair soft and shiny. The mixture of milk and lemon provides strength to the hair. It cleanses the scalp, which also makes the hair strong. It is beneficial to remove dandruff.

Raw Milk : 4 tsp

Lemon Juice : 1 tsp

Mix these two ingredients well.
Use it as a hair conditioner.
First of all, wash your hair thoroughly. After that apply this mixture on the hair.
Leave it like this for 10-15 minutes.
Then clean the hair thoroughly.
You can use it 2 times a week.
You can easily use these natural conditioners made from milk. This will not harm your hair. Rather, it makes the hair very strong, soft and shiny. The conditioner prepared from milk is chemical free, which does not harm the hair.

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