Types and Symptoms of Worm Infections in Kids

Types and Symptoms of Worm Infections in Kids: Small children often have problems with the stomach. Due to stomach worms, where children keep crying all the time due to stomach pain, it hinders their physical and mental development. Different symptoms are seen when there are insects in children because there are many types of insects in the stomach. These worms or worms found in the stomach lay eggs in the intestines after reproduction. Due to these increases, the digestive and health of the baby is affected and many symptoms are seen in it. Let us tell you what kind of insects children are at risk and what are their symptoms.


Roundworm infection

Roundworms are the most commonly found intestinal worms. These insects, like earthworms, are 4–12 inches long and thin and usually live in the small intestines. These insects are usually beige or yellow in color. These worms in the intestines rapidly increase their number of breeding gates. Sometimes, these worms also enter the stomach, spleen and lungs.

Symptoms of roundworm infection

Due to roundworm infection, obstruction of intestinal work occurs, due to which the food of the child is not digested properly. In such a situation, the child starts feeling nausea after eating food. Abdominal pain starts and constipation occurs with torsion, or sometimes diarrhea starts. During sleep, saliva flows from the mouth of children and children start grinding teeth. Itching occurs in the nose and mouth of infants. Sometimes hives also jump on the body.

Tapeworm infection

Tapeworms are dangerous insects found in children’s stomachs. Initially, these worms cause stomach pain, but when the number increases, these worms reach the brain and attack the nervous system. Tapeworms range in length from 31 to 62 mm. Usually these insects are excreted with feces. The tapeworm is chipped, kinky, and white in color. A patient infected with tapeworm is examined by his / her faeces. If the size of these tapeworms is very large, then there may be some pain while exiting. In rainy season or on normal days the risk of tapeworm is more than leafy vegetables.

Symptoms of tapeworm infection

Tapeworms directly affect the nervous system, so they have more impact on the brain. Children often suffer from headache, vomiting and dizziness due to swelling in the brain.


Pinworms are 2.5 mm. Sometimes they also reach the urinary tube (ureter) or vagina and cause itching and burning there. These insects are found most commonly in the stomach of children. Pinworms mostly prey on children. Eggs of pinworms reach dust, soil, water, vegetables, etc. through feces, due to which consumption of these eggs reaches the stomach.

Symptoms of pinworms

The main symptom of the disease resulting from this is the acute shortage of blood, which causes the body and face to turn pale. Hunger decreases and weakness increases. Many children experience irritation and pain in the private part.

Treatment of stomach worms

If insects have fallen in the intestines of children or elders, then eating raw mango kernels removes the path of feces. For this, take powder of raw mango kernels with curd or water in the morning and evening. Regular intake of it will cause intestinal worms to come out in a few days. Dry the pomegranate peels and make the powder. Take one spoon of this powder thrice a day. Consuming it for a few days completely destroys stomach worms.

Types and Symptoms of Worm Infections in Kids

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