Tumor Early Stage Symptom of Kidney Cancer in Child

Tumor Early Stage Symptom of Kidney Cancer in Child: Cancer is also among the most serious and dangerous diseases in the world as millions of people die from this disease every year. If it is detected at the time of the onset of cancer in the body, then its successful treatment is possible but with the passage of time, its treatment becomes difficult and expensive. Cancer begins in the body when one or more cells start growing continuously. Wills tumor is an early stage of cancer that occurs in the kidney. Children are most at risk of it. The tumor is named after the German doctor Max Wills, who first discovered the disease in 1899.

Tumor Early Stage Symptom of Kidney Cancer in Child
Tumor Early Stage Symptom of Kidney Cancer in Child

The most common form of cancer in children

Wills tumor is the most common cancer found in children. 9 out of every 10 children with cancer have a will tumor. Usually, these tumors affect the kidney on one side only. In some cases more than one tumor is also found in the same kidney while in some cases there is a possibility of these tumors in both the kidneys of the children. Many times the symptoms of this tumor are not visible in the beginning and it keeps growing inside. However, without examining the small part of this tumor, it is difficult to tell whether it is a will tumor and the cancer has started in the child.

When kidney cells begin to grow out of control and grow continuously, some cells accumulate and become rigid. This is a tumor and its color is brown. This tumor is usually smooth and clean. As this lump increases, Wilms’ tumor changes the normal shape of the kidney. It also destroys normal kidney tissue and due to this, blood comes from the urine. In some cases, the tumor becomes so large that it looks like a strong big lump in the baby’s abdomen. Without proper medical treatment, Wilms’ tumor can also spread outside the kidney, and it is most likely to spread to the lungs and liver.

Who is at greater risk

It is more prevalent in girls than boys. It is the most common type of cancer and is found in children between the ages of 2 to 15 years, but affects children in the age group of 3 to 4 years. The incidence of villous tumor decreases after the age of 5 and is rare in adults. If the Wilms tumor is confirmed in the child, then get a pathological examination done by a child specialist. Children who have a birth defect are more likely to have a Wilms tumor. Someone in your family has had Wilms’ tumor or some type of cancer before, or a close relative has had this problem at an early age. So it can be predicted.

Symptoms of this cancer

There is excessive swelling on one side of the baby’s stomach, but it can also happen that this type of lump does not cause any discomfort. Contact your doctor immediately on seeing any such swelling. If a child up to 5 years is having abdominal pain and pain persists for several days and often vomiting, then contact your doctor immediately.
If your child’s blood is coming in the urine, then the chances of this cancer increases. High blade pressure (hypertension), which occurs when the tumor stops the accumulation of blood in the kidney, then contact your doctor without delay.

Tumor Early Stage Symptom of Kidney Cancer in Child

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