Truck Wash Repair Salon Game

Its the best truck wash & repair game for toddlers.
We are happy to present new car or truck wash repair game for your girls.

If you have your own car or toddler trucks, you must be wondering how to keep it clean. We bring you the most interesting Kid’s Car Wash game and Truck Wash game which includes service station games, gas station games, parking simulator games & car driving games. You must have played many Car Washing games but this Car Wash and Truck Wash and truck repair Car Mechanic game will take to you to an amazing ride.

Truck Wash Repair Salon Game
Truck Wash Repair Salon Game

This game provides thrilling Car Wash and Truck Repair for boys and cleaning games for girls. Bring your bigger blue Truck, Smart Car, Car for toddlers, Muscle Car, and Sports Car to our Car Wash and Truck Wash and repair salon and get your car cleaned in these service station games, gas station games , car driving games & parking simulator games. Wash the dust off from the Monster Truck. Apply cleaners and detergents on your big truck to make it all clean and shine this Truck Wash and repair Games or Car for toddlers Games. Remove the remaining dust and wash the car with water in our Car Wash Salon. Get the car welded at the Service Station.

If you have some problem in the engine of your car, bring it to Car Mechanic and get it fixed at Mechanic Workshop. Fill the engine with gas and oil at the Gas Station and Oil Station. Get your Big Truck, Luxury Car, Sports Car serviced at the service station. Put the oil in the Oil Truck at the Oil Station and make it work. Remove all the mud from the Monster truck and make it look like new. All the flaw and dents in the parts of truck and car can be welded at Mechanic Workshop. Use shampoos and showers to clean your cars and give it a new look. Remove the water from the screens by windshield. Dry the wet cars after car wash at Mechanic Shop. This will give a car and truck more attractive look.

This game is not about how to repair cars or toddler trucks, but about washing them and make them more attractive.

Car Wash and Truck Wash in car wash shops.
Repair of cars and Big Trucks at the Mechanic Workshop.
Clean the Luxury Car and Sports Car with shampoo and detergents.
Wash the dust off from the truck with water.
Dry the windscreen and car at the shop.
Do welding of parts at the Mechanic Shop.
Fill the engine with Oil at Oil Station.
Fill gas in cars at the Gas Station.

Young motorists … it is time for your motor skills testing! Your automotive mechanic garage is ready to repair broken trucks so be a perfect designer. Be dented trucks detailer to experience being repairman at real truck garage. Also in this washing garage game before repairing big lorry you have to make sure that muddy trucks are clean for denting and other services. This cleanup is important as dirt on the tipper will make it difficult for our little mechanic to see rust and other abnormalities.
Enjoy Truck Wash!
Take tow truck or toddlers truck carry lorry & damaged car to salon auto repair shop from dumper. Once you have completing driving duty, and rescuing the semi truck automobile, make sure you clean up mess from tipper and front seat. Make sure you properly find litters and throw them in trash. Yes little mechanic its important cleaning your car or dirty crashed truck for proper repairing and now wash truck with sponge & be spraying water swiftly to clear your 18-wheeler truck. So take your big vehicle to big truck arena and clean it up and make real truckers happy with your truck washing.

Go to mechanical service station!

With proper truck repair and truck wash, start repairing engine with oil change or steering, gears and brake pedals to be smooth in controls once handed over to owner. After adjusting engine oil, perform engine tuning, reconnect wires, fill coolant water in radiator, and also charge battery. In this way, engine repairing will be complete and now you can start fixing tires

So, Download “ Truck Wash & Repair – Truck Game For toddlers ” and enjoy .


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