Truck Car Wash Service Station

where you have to wash and clean the trucks using different tools.

First, you have to select a truck that you want to wash, then you will be moved to the truck workshop with your selected truck.

In the truck workshop, on the left side of the screen, you will see different tools that serve different purposes. How nicely you use a tool according to that you will get stars out of five.

After your truck washing work gets finished you will be able to drive the truck. At the end of the drive, you will be rewarded stars that you have earned by using different tools in the truck garage.

Truck Car Wash Service Station
Truck Car Wash Service Station

So grab this game into your phones and have fun with trucks.

Trucks for boys- build a house – building game where boys learn different types of trucks and how to build a house, arbor, mill and even swimming pool.

These games for free not only games for boys, but also for girls. If you are fond of cars and big trucks or anything connected with building games thematic they will be crazy of these cool tractor and trucks games for boys for free! Go through all engrossing levels of game and get your house, swimming pool and arbor done in the finish of one of the best building game for boys! You will find here many types of construction games machinery like trucks, tractor simulator, excavator, bulldozer and many others.

CONSTRUCT and RIDE your very own construction transport is fairly easy right now! Build cool vehicles with just a few touches and then make a house and a swimming pool. First above you have to build your own transport, then fill trucks for boys with gas on the gas station and then go to the 🔨 house building games where you can build your dream house with the help of cars! After these free games you will have to wash your transport truck game in the car wash. Move from level to level you will know how to build a house and soon your dream house will be done!

Here you can find many types of different vehicles and lori for your child puzzle free games for boys how to build a house and play with! There is a lot of different trucks for boys to learn about construction! Teach your child basics of cars mechanics! All the transport with tractor and car games for boys is just like in real life – that’s good for education!

Truck Wash & Car Wash Service Station

Your truck got dirty after hours of building the house? No problem! Go to car wash, soap it with bubbles in free games, roll it through with soft brushes while learning trucks for boys and build house, clean it with water and dry it off so your car will shine clean in a car games for free building a house! It’s really fun for boys games to play in car wash games for boys


Fuel of your truck is low? Never mind because in truck games for boys you can fuel your transport on the gas station. At first find where to connect fueling nose to fill the trucks with the gas. Press the button and watch your car’s fuel level rising up!

If you`re an adult and busy, you can simply give your smartphone or tablet with various learning games with the house building game installed and construction vehicles, to your boys so he will be busy with it for hours of having fun! But your baby will not only be passionate about tractor games for boys , but also will learn some things in game

Voice-over: 10 different professionally recorded voice-overs, including languages like: English, Deutsch, Espanola, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabian, and Hindi! Graphics is brilliant and colorful car games for boys, our designers worked hard on these truck games for boys! We`ve also cared about security of trucks for boys, so it won’t be so easy for your child to buy something in game, while you are not looking after him.

This game will be perfect, if he likes tractor games, car sounds, house building games.
Have fun with multiple types of Power washer guns and washing nozzles


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