Top 10 Cotton Producing Countries In The World

China leads the world in cotton production, followed by India and the United States.

Cotton is a plant fiber, and one which is soft and fluffy and grows in shrub plant. Cotton is used to manufacture textiles from which cloths are made. These cloths are usually light and comfortable to wear. The production of cotton is performed in huge quantity throughout the world. Cotton seeds are sowed in fields where weed and unwanted plants are removed. Special pesticides and fertilizers are used to ensure the best quality product. The harvesting is done through machine when the cotton takes the shape of boll. Later, it is processed seeding, picking, ginning and baling. Other types of chemical and machinery are used to produce better quality of cottons.

Countries with Highest Production of Cotton and Reasons for Higher Production

China, India and United States of America are the top three countries where cotton is produced. Measuring the production of cotton in thousand metric tons, China produced 6,532 thousand metric tons and India produced 6,423 thousand metric tons of cotton in the past year, whereas the USA had a production of 3,553 thousand metric tons.


With around 100,000 farmers cultivating cotton, China is the biggest cotton producing country. China has 7,500 textile companies, which produce US $73 billion of cotton cloth annual. The cultivation requires moderate rainfall. To save the plant from pests, there is a huge usage of pesticides and fertilizers.


India is the second largest producer of cotton. Cotton has been used in India since the Indus valley civilization where cotton threads were recovered. India produces 6,423 thousand metric tons of cotton every year. The reason for such a huge production is the climate that is most favorable in northern part of the country. A moderate temperature of 25-35 degree Celsius is best suited for cotton cultivation in India. It is processed in huge quantity through modern machines based on the quality requirement.

United States

The United States of America, which is the third largest producer of cotton, harvests it through modern machines. Florida, Mississippi, California, Texas, and Arizona are the major cotton producing states in America. The harvesting is done through machines where the boll is picked up without harming the plant. The favorable climate in these regions boosts the production of cotton. Spinning loom and power loom have been widely used in early times. Later, it shifted to modern technology where you can produce cotton according to quality and the purpose required.

Applications of Cotton Products in Modern Times

Cotton is mostly used to manufacture clothes of different use and quality. Mostly cotton clothes are used in textile industries. People prefer shirts, jeans, trousers, T-shirts, towels and handkerchief made from cotton. The clothes made from cotton are soft, light, and wearer friendly. These dresses are mostly favored in places which have warmer climates, such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other moderate regions. Cotton cellulose is used in the manufacture of paper.

Cotton puffs are used in dressing wounds by medical practitioners. Cotton is also used in manufacturing fishing net. There are still many uses of cotton byproducts including oil, candles, and in the manufacturing of soaps. Cotton is one of the most important materials in daily usage. It has major use in all round needs, which makes our lives a bit more comfortable.

Where Does the World’s Cotton Come From?

Most of the world’s cotton comes from China, India, and the United States.

Top Cotton Producing Countries In The World

RankCountryCotton Production in Thousand Metric Tonnes
3United States3,553

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