Tips for younger looking hands

Tips for younger looking hands: No part of the body does as much work as our hands do. That’s why our hands tend to age faster than the rest of our bodies. We take care of our face or body. They also follow a skin care routine for them. But we completely ignore our hands. Do not take care of them in any way. The signs of aging in our hands come due to aging in the skin as well as reduced fat and elasticity. Due to which wrinkles start appearing on the hands. Along with this there are some other factors due to which hands start aging prematurely.

tips for younger looking hands
tips for younger looking hands

Keep removing dead skin cells from hands
You should always use a sun screen on your hands to protect them from the sun. Along with this, you should also apply moisturizer on your hands. Dead skin cells often accumulate on your hands, so use a scrub on your hands to remove them. If wrinkles are starting to appear on your hands, then you can use lemon or bleach treatment there.

Take care of fat injection too
These injections are not for everyone. But if you are a little more conscious about your hands and want to make them look more youthful and plumpy, then you can take this type of injection. This type of injection involves a type of surgery. With which you will be able to recover in two weeks. During that surgery, extra fat from other parts of your body like stomach etc. is filled in the back parts of your hand.

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can get skin treatment
You should also occasionally take treatments for your hands and these treatments include derma bleeding, derma bracing, and chemical exfoliation. This treatment removes the outer layer of your skin. These improve the texture and tone of your skin even more. Due to these treatments, your skin can also avoid wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Keep these things in mind to protect your hands from aging
Do not take Botox (Avoid Botox)
There is no benefit to using Botox. Because it affects the muscle movement inside your skin and it is just an additional charge.

Do not Smoke
Smoking is not only harmful to your internal body but it also causes your skin to age faster and can also make your hands look old.

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No Skin Removal Surgery

If you are thinking of getting some kind of surgery to remove excess fat from the back of your hands, then it is going to do you more harm than good. This will also take a long time for you to recover and you may also feel difficulty in healing your wounds.

So by following these few tips and taking more care of your hands than before, you can save your hands from aging.

Tips for younger looking hands

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