things to say about yourself to someone

things to say about yourself to someone: Men are as soft from outside as hard as they are from inside. To say that people easily say that the man does not have pain, but is it really so? There are many things related to men that he himself would not even know. So, today we are telling you about 10 facts related to men that you will be surprised to know.

These are the 10 facts
1- The average age of men is less than women. The average age of males is 64.52 years, while that of females is only 68.76 years.

2- The size of the brain of a man is more than that of women. The brain size of men is 10% more than that of women. But it depends on him how much he uses the brain.

things to say about yourself to someone

3- A research has shown that men use only half of their brain in doing any work. Whereas women can use their entire brain at the same time. Women are adept at doing many things at once.

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4- Generally, men prefer to spend long romantic walks more than sitting at home drinking.

5- Men spend only 6 months of their age shaving.

6- Everyone will be aware that girls speak more than boys. According to the study, a woman speaks about 7000 words in a day, while men speak only 2000 words.

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7- In staring at foreign women, men waste a whole year of their lives.

8- Men lie more than women. On average, a woman tells only 3 lies a day, while men lie at least 6 in a day.

9- After the breakup, the men remain in depression and stress for more days, while the women move quickly after the relationship breaks.

10- Often men are reluctant to go to the doctor, they feel that there is no major illness if they go to the doctor.

things to say about yourself to someone

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