The Coldest Cities in The USA

The coldest cities in the USA have average minimum temperatures as well as the coldest record breaking temperatures.

During winter, the temperature drops to below the freezing point in many US cities. During the last winter season in the US, most states on the East Coast suffered a devastating winter storm. By January 2018, about sixteen people had lost their lives to the blizzard conditions. Every year, most places in the US experience extreme winters. With such extreme weather conditions, some cities have experienced record-breaking cold temperatures.

10 Coldest Cities in the USA


Fairbanks is in Alaska and is the largest city in the interior of the state. The city is the borough seat of Fairbanks North Star Borough with a population of 31,891. The city, whose motto is “The Golden Heart of Alaska”, was incorporated on November 10, 1903. Fairbanks, Alaska, records a minimum average temperature of -16.9 °F. The city’s maximum average temperature stands at 52.3 degrees F. The lowest ever recorded temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska is -66 degrees F, making it the coldest city in the US. Most of the low temperatures in Fairbanks are recorded in January with the extreme cold lasting two to three days.

Grand Forks

Grand Forks is located in North Dakota and is the third largest city in the state. The city is the county seat of Grand Forks County and has a population of 52,838. The city was incorporated officially on February 22, 1881. The minimum monthly average temperature of Grand Forks is -3.1 degrees F and its average maximum monthly temperature is 56.3 degrees F. Grand Forks, North Dakota comes in second as the coldest city in the US and had -43 degrees F as the lowest ever recorded temperature.


Located in North Dakota, the city of Williston is the county seat of Williams County. The city has a population of 14,716 and was founded in 1887. Williston, North Dakota has a semi-arid climate and records an average minimum temperature of 0.1 degrees F. The average maximum temperature of Williston is 55.8 degrees F. The city is ranked as the third coldest city in the US with the lowest temperature ever recorded reaching -50 degrees F.


Fargo is located in North Dakota and is the county seat of Cass County. The city is the most populous city in the state of North Dakota with a population of 120,762. Fargo was founded in 1871, and its motto is “Gateway to the West”. The climate in Fargo is humid and continental as it is located in the Great Plains. The average minimum temperature of Fargo, North Dakota is 0.1 degrees F, while its average maximum temperature stands at 59.5 degrees F. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Fargo is -39 degrees F and these temperatures make it the fourth coldest city in the US.

Effects Of Extreme Winter Conditions

Most of the extreme winter conditions are experienced around December and January in the US. Extreme winter conditions may cause the loss of electricity due to damaged electrical wires. Humans are affected by severe winter storms in many ways including hypothermia and difficulty in breathing which may result from a reduction of air pressure. In extreme cases, it may lead to death. Transport is also affected by extreme winter storms and may lead to the closure of roads, accidents and terrible traffic jams. When people fail to go to work due to extreme winter condition the economy is affected in a significant way.

What is the Coldest Cities in the United States?

The coldest cities in the United States include Fairbanks, Grand Forks, Williston, Fargo, and Duluth.

10 Coldest Cities in the USA

RankCityStateMinimum Average TemperatureLowest Recorded Temperature
1FairbanksAlaska-16.9 °F-66 °F
2Grand ForksNorth Dakota-3.1 °F-43 °F
3WillistonNorth Dakota0.1 °F-50 °F
4FargoNorth Dakota0.1 °F-39 °F
5DuluthMinnesota1.5 °F-39 °F
6AberdeenSouth Dakota1.5 °F-46 °F
7St. CloudMinnesota1.8 °F-43 °F
8BismarckNorth Dakota2.2 °F-44 °F
9MarquetteMichigan5.2 °F-34 °F
10HuronSouth Dakota6.6 °F-43 °F

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