Often the skin of children is very delicate, which needs more care. In such a situation, sometimes the skin of the children starts deteriorating due to one reason or another due to allergies. There are many skin related problems that make your baby’s skin fall prey. It is quite common to find spots, rash, red marks or scum on the body of children. But do you know what causes this? Most parents are not aware of how their child succumbed to skin problems. While there are many reasons behind this. Let us know the causes of skin related problems of children through this article and what are the symptoms of it.



Ringworm has nothing to do with insects or mosquitoes. The cause of herpes is a common fungus that infects the skin and causes a crusted and bumpy red patch on the infected part. It is highly contagious and can also spread by sharing clothing that comes in contact with shingles or in contact with an infected part. To get relief from this, you should apply antifungal cream on the skin.


Often you have seen the problem of chicken pox in young children, which many people also know by the name of small mother. It is a very common infection in children, but today we rarely see it due to universal vaccination programs. Varicella, an infection virus that causes chickenpox, usually begins as a fever, and then cold symptoms and rash develop. The rash in its condition is itchy and usually manifests as a mixture of blisters, spots, and crusted scab. They last for at least a week or 10 days and then begin to subside.


Wart is also a common problem from birth to age. The wart can spread from one person to another and other parts of the body. Warts usually appear on the hands, but they can occur anywhere in the body. To get rid of it, you can also adopt several home remedies which are helpful in removing your warts.

Heat rash

Children are always insistent on playing, so many times children have to suffer from heat rash. These are redness of heat in the sweat glands, due to which red rash comes out on the head and neck. Keep your child ready to prevent its burst. You can see these rashes mostly in the summer and rainy seasons.


There can be many main reasons behind getting dermatitis, they can also spread from one child to another. This can be caused by bad foods, lotions, chemicals or plants. These diseases can last for about one to two weeks.

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