what are the skin related problems of children?

Some problems are common in children in childhood, behind the change in the baby’s skin include illness, allergies and heat or cold. But these problems are not very serious and neither are they easy to treat. Just you have to take care of your children. Make sure you check your children. But at the same time you also have to keep in mind that your child may have many types of skin related infections and diseases. In such a situation, you need to know what are the skin infections or diseases of children.


The problem of herpes continues in children, but the cause is not just any worm or itching. Ringworm can occur due to many reasons. It is caused by a fungus that keeps away from dead skin, hair and nail tissue. A red, crusted patch begins followed by a red ring with telltale itching. Ringworm is a skin-to-skin contact with a person or animal. Children do it with things like towels dirty clothes. In case of herpes, contact with a doctor or treatment with antifungal cream can be done.

Fifth disease

This infectious and usually debilitating disease lasts for a few weeks. The fifth disease begins with flu-like symptoms. In this disease, the face becomes like a slap and a rash comes out. This disease is spread by sneezes. The most infectious one week before the rash comes. It can be cured with rest, substance intake and painkillers.


Due to the chickenpox vaccine, this one-time rash does not appear in children today. It is very contagious. In this disease, small itchy red colored grains appear in the entire body, which leaves red spots. It goes through several stages. They are blisters, dry scab. All young children should be vaccinated with chickenpox. It can also be done to elders.


Impetigo is caused by bacteritis, causing red sores or blisters. They can be open, lost. Ghava can be seen all over the body. But mostly occurs around the mouth and nose. This can be from sharing things like towels and toys.

Mass can spread easily from one person to another. They are spread by touching a used object of someone with a virus. It is most commonly found on the fingers and hands.

Heat rash

Heat rash appear like small red or pink pimples. It is usually seen on children’s head, neck and shoulders. It occurs mostly in hot weather. Children should wear only one-layer clothes because the main reason for this is the persistent sweat.

Some children have skin after touching their body parts, soaps or plants such as poison ivy, oak. The rash usually starts within 48 hours after skin contact. It may be a rash of red bumps. In severe cases there is swelling, redness.

But there is no need to be pained for all this, this infirmities can be easily treated.

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