Should a 10 year Old Drink Coffee?

Should a 10 year Old Drink Coffee? Every parent wants to feed their child nutritious and healthy things. But when the children get a little older and start moving towards Teenage, their various tantrums start in terms of food and drink. Parents often try to convince children at this age that the consumption of junk foods and coffee is not right for them, but the children do not agree and they insist on these things. Coffee is considered a stronger drink than milk or tea, so parents are often instructed to keep young children away from coffee. But it is not possible that you can always keep your children away from coffee. In such a situation, you should know what is the right age to give coffee to children and the amount of coffee that can be given to them.

Should a 10 year Old Drink Coffee?

Coffee Kids Side Effects
Why is coffee bad for children?

Experts around the world believe that coffee consumption is bad for young children. Actually coffee has a special element, which is known as ‘caffeine’. This caffeine acts as a kind of ‘stimulant’. If a person consumes a lot of caffeine, they may have many problems like insomnia (insomnia), stomach upset, headache, decreased concentration and increased heartbeat.

These symptoms can become more dangerous if small amounts of coffee are given to young children, especially if the child already has a congenital problem. Apart from this, experts also believe that the age from birth to 16-18 years is the age of physical and mental development of children. In such a situation, if the children consume more coffee, the caffeine present in it makes it difficult for the body to absorb calcium, which can weaken the bones of the children and also stop the growth of the body. Not only this, milk, cream and sugar added to coffee also have a bad effect on children’s health. Therefore, young children should stop consuming caffeine.

Coffee Side Effects
Apart from coffee, there are other sources of ‘caffeine’

Before stopping children from drinking coffee, you should know that coffee itself is not bad for health. In fact, it is considered bad for the health of children due to the caffeine present in coffee. But if your child does not drink coffee, then other popular drinks like soda, cold drinks, fizzy drinks, ice tea, flavored fruit drinks etc. also contain caffeine, due to which you cannot stop children from consuming caffeine. . Even children’s favorite chocolate shakes and chocolate milk contain a good amount of caffeine. So try to feed only small milk and natural things to young children.

At what age can you give Coffee

Doctors believe that after the age of 8, coffee can be given to children in small amounts (1 cup of light coffee), but it is better to keep them away until the age of 16 years. Consuming more quantity of coffee should not be taken at any age because excess caffeine is bad for everyone’s health. Research suggests that adults should not drink more than 3-4 cups of coffee a day. So if you can prevent your children from consuming coffee, cold drinks, flavored fruit drinks and soda etc., then it will be a great thing for their health and physical development.

Should a 10 year Old Drink Coffee?

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