Rove Hotel Dubai Careers

Hello Friend of Rove! Rove Hotel Dubai Careers, We are a Dubai born-and-bred global lifestyle brand that brings smart, fuss-free hospitality to the new generation of the modern traveller and nomad who believes in exploring without borders. In fact, that’s our motto and it influenced our philosophy.

You lead fast-paced urban lives where efficiency is of paramount importance. Young and young-at-heart, you roam freely to explore as a local does. Whether for business or leisure, you desire a treasure trove of real and enriching experiences.

We care about our explorers, or as we like to refer to them, our Rovers. At Rove Hotels, inspired by arguably the most innovative of global cities, we thrive on providing uplifting experiences and flawless service regardless of where in the world our Rovers are staying.

To ‘Rove’ means to wander over or through, to traverse. A belief that is simple yet inspirational, we take pride in offering our Rovers the best of two worlds – simple, spacious, efficient hospitality at a true value proposition; all in a modern, cultural and flexible environment.

At Rove Hotels, we do everything differently and better. We are a place to go, a place to stay and a place on the map. To stay with us, is to stay at the very heartbeat of the city.

Rove Hotel Dubai Careers

The Rove Connect Assistant’s primary responsibilities include assisting Rovers with all their requests in a friendly and professional manner at all times. In short the Rove Connect Assistant will receive calls and direction from the Front Office, and will assist Rovers with their needs.


  • Report to Security at the start of the shift to sign out a master key. The master key will be signed back into Security upon completion of the shift. The master key will be used to grant access to guestrooms requesting services, in accordance with established guidelines.
  • Report to the Rove Front Office prior to starting the shift, for shift briefing, telephone issuance, and floor assignment.
  • The Rove Connect Assistant will remain stationed on the designated floor(s), until such time that a guest call is received. The Rove Front Office will contact the Rove Connect Assistant when there is a guest request or item that needs to be delivered to the guest.
  • Items taken out of the storeroom for delivery to guests need to be highlighted on a tracking sheet kept in the storeroom.
  • Ensure that all guest requests are honored within 10 minutes of the request being made, and that all fax and message delivery is within the same timeframe.
  • Inventory the storeroom on the assigned floor(s) and submit a requisition to the Assistant Front Office Manager for the necessary supplies.
  • Perform routine checks of room corridors and service lift lobby areas, and report findings to the appropriate department for removal.
  • Attend departmental meetings.


  • Fluency in English
  • Fluency in a third language will be an asset
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Software
  • Customer service orientation and able to personalize and interact with guests in a polite and courteous manner
  • Enthusiastic and pleasant personality

Kickstart your next adventure with Rove Hotels, the jump-off point for the modern-day explorer. All our hubs are conveniently located in central neighbourhoods with easy access to public transport. Designed for comfort and convenience, Rove Hotels come with super spacious and family-friendly rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi and ultra modern amenities. Affordable room rates and plenty of add-ons, allow you to explore at ease.

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