Reasons Why Twins Born And 6 Myths About Twins

These six things related to twins are myth, know what is the truth and why are twins
»  There are various myths about the twins in people that are myths.
»  There is no truth in these myths about twins.
»  After all, the nuns, maps and shapes of twins are alike.

Twins are still the subject of many people’s curiosity. There are different myths about the twins in people, that is, the myths that many people believe to be true, like the fingerprints of twins are alike or their behavior is the same. All such things about twins are not correct, nor are there any scientific basis for these things. So if you also consider these myths as correct, then know what is the truth.

Why are Twins?
Being a twin child is not an unnatural event, but is as common as a baby is born. Due to the separation of only some biological actions, there are two children in the same womb. Usually twins are of two types –

Diazigotic- A new ovum is produced every month in women’s ovaries, while male sperm is countless. Occasionally, 2 female females are also formed naturally in women, in which 2 children of 2 separate sperm are born. These children are born on a short spacing of time. Because these twins are in different eggs, so they are different from each other. Their habits and shapes do not match with each other.

Monozygotic- When sperm disintegrates into two females in females, this gives birth to twins. Because it is due to the splitting of one sperm in two parts of the egg, so these children do not get the habit and behavior, but the appearance, height, and nature are the same.

Myth- Twins Have the Same Placenta (cord)
Truth – Usually twins are linked to the same placenta but this is not necessary. Approximately one third i.e. 1/3 twins have different placenta.

Myth- Genetic traits and behavior of twins are similar
Truth-twin children can have genetic connections if their mother is found in hyper-ovulation gene heredity. Twin children are redundant and there is no meaning or effect of family traits etc.

Myth- Twin children are either either boys or both girls
Truth- In general, either twin boys are born or girls are born. But sometimes a boy and a girl twins are also born. In such a case, this boy-girl is only Twins and not an Ideal Twins Twins are made in a frutarian way, whereas, identical tweenes are made of the same jagot. Identical twins are almost similar in behavior, nose and appearance, whereas this is not so with fratental twins.

Myth- There is a difference of minutes in the birth of twins
Truth – Most of the time, twins are born at a few minutes but it is not always necessary. Many times there may be a difference of half-an-hour or more in the birth of twins.

Myth- Twins can talk among themselves in a special secret language
Truth- People believe that twins speak each other in their own secret language. This is completely myth. Twins do not have any secret language. The way to speak in secret language is called cryptophasia, in which two people speak secretly among themselves. In childhood, twin babies cry and chant in a way and sometimes at a time, so people think that they are talking in a secret language.

Myth- Fingerprints of twins are the same
Truth- People believe that only fingerprints of twins are equal in this world. While this is wrong. There is a difference in the structure of every person.

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