Reasons why some Kids are Allergic to Milk

Reasons why some Kids are Allergic to Milk: Different people may be allergic to different foods. In such a situation, people avoid the consumption of those things, in the same way many people are allergic to milk and milk products. This allergy is common in children, but do you know why many people are allergic to milk? If not, we tell you. Many people may have allergic reactions due to certain proteins present in milk. Cow’s milk is the main cause of allergy to milk. Apart from this, milk of buffalo, goat and other mammals can also cause allergy. Cow’s milk has the highest alpha S1 casein protein, which is mainly the cause of milk allergies.

Reasons why some Kids are Allergic to Milk
Reasons why some Kids are Allergic to Milk

Symptoms of Milk Allergy in Children

Children or people who are allergic to milk do not feel that quickly. Generally, people with milk allergy have symptoms for several hours or after several days. Allergies to milk are mostly in newborns and children, which can have many symptoms.

The color of the mutra starts to darken, which can sometimes result in blood or mucus.
Stomach cramps due to milk allergy are also a common symptom.
Some people also have skin rashes due to milk allergy.
Diarrhea and cough are also common symptoms.
In addition, wet eyes, runny nose can also be a sign of this.
Some symptoms of milk allergy are soon visible such as nausea, vomiting, nervousness, itching near the lips and swollen lips and throat are also common symptoms.
Some children also have an anaphylactic shock due to milk allergy, which can cause swelling in the child’s lips, throat, and mouth. Anaphylactic may cause blood loss, difficulty breathing. It should be published immediately, otherwise it can be fatal.

Causes of Milk Allergy

Milk allergies may occur due to certain proteins found in milk and milk products. In people allergic to milk, the body recognizes certain milk proteins as harmful and produces a risk of producing antibodies called immunoglobulin E to neutralize the protein. Then, every time you are exposed to proteins, antibodies recognize them and signal your immune system to release histamine and other chemicals. This results in allergic reactions. Milk allergy is more common in children than in adults because the digestive system of children is weak.

It occurs due to lack of lactase enzyme. When the lactose of milk reaches the small intestine, the lactase enzyme breaks down glucose and galactose from there. Due to which milk is not easily digested. Lactose is a natural sugar found in milk and milk products. When one is unable to digest milk, he has a problem of lactose intake. This causes allergic problems as well as digestive problems.

Milk Allergy Prevention and Treatment

For milk allergy, the milk that your child is allergic to should be stopped.
You should first consult a physician for milk allergy.
If you are feeding the baby, then feed milk that does not contain lectos. In this situation, try feeding the baby with soy milk.

Reasons why some Kids are Allergic to Milk

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