Premier League clubs’ fans want improved UEFA finals experience

Fans of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur put together a list of demands to the governing body of European football, UEFA, after numerous complaints after the Champions League final and the Europa League last season .

A joint statement by Arsenal Supporters’ Trust, Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, Spirit of Shankly and Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust covers several problems, such as improper ticket allocation and inconvenient travel arrangements.

“We have developed a six-point action plan to improve the experience of the followers,” the statement said.

“It has been referred to the Association of Football Supporters (FSA) and European Football Supporters (FSE)” We now ask UEFA to enter into a meaningful dialogue with its supporters and address these points. “

Club supporters asked that 80% of the tickets be made available to the finalists after Liverpool and the Spurs obtained only 16,613 tickets each for the Champions League show at the 68,000-seat Metropolitan Wanda Stadium. Atlético de Madrid.

Premier League clubs’ fans want improved UEFA finals experience(getty image)

Suggestions were also made to choose stadiums with a minimum capacity of 60,000 for the Europa League final and 75,000 for the Champions League final, which helps keep ticket prices at an affordable price.

Arsenal and Chelsea fans struggled to get to Baku for the Europa League show due to the lack of direct flights to the capital of Azerbaijan.

Supporters asked UEFA to choose cities with good connectivity and the ability to deal with thousands of visitors.

They also demanded that the host country have a clean human rights record and an equality policy after Henrikh Mkhitaryan of Arsenal did not travel to Baku for fear of his safety due to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“We call on UEFA to strengthen its dialogue with the fans and ask them to start by getting involved with groups like us to discuss the proposals to improve the arrangements for the fans in the final stages of the Champions League and Europe,” he added. the notice.

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