Painkiller Might be Impacting your Fertility

Painkiller Might be Impacting your Fertility: Problems of conception or complaints of infertility can affect both men and women. Sometimes it is natural but sometimes the diet you take or the medicines you take as a routine affects your reproductive organs. There are many factors like lifestyle, mental stress and our genes, which damage a person’s fertility. A new study, especially for men, has found that a common habit of mistake can prove harmful to your health. In fact, whenever we have any kind of pain, the first thing that comes to our mind is to take painkillers. Although these painkillers certainly help us in giving relief and healing immediately, but there is a complication associated with them. It is advisable not to take painkillers regularly due to increasing symptoms of constipation, muscle weakness and stroke. Apart from this, another staggering side-effect is Nardi in men.

Painkiller Might be Impacting your Fertility
Painkiller Might be Impacting your Fertility

A study by the National Academy of Science found a surprising correlation between men dependent on painkillers and low fertility. This news could prove to be a shock to the men who are planning to have children.

Speaking on the increasing use of painkillers, Dr. Manisha Arora, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Shree Balaji Action Medical Institute, said, “Nowadays people are increasingly using anti-biotic and painkiller. The main reasons for this are office stress, tension, changing genes and food. Due to which it is common for people to have headaches, back pain, abdominal pain and tension problems. People use pen killer to avoid it and get rid of pain immediately. Along with this, easy availability of any type of anti-biotic and pen killer drugs at the chemist’s shop is also the main reason for its use increasing rapidly. ”

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What study says

A study conducted on 31 men (between 18 and 35 years of age) from Denmark and France revealed this information. These men were advised to take three well-known 600 mg pen killers for a period of six weeks. Others were advised to take normal placebo during the study period. This was followed by two more weeks of study.

This information came out of the study

After a two-week run, several tests were performed, comparing hormone levels. These tests showed an increase in the production of luteinizing hormones in men as well as an increase in the function of the pituitary gland. Both of these play an important role in reproduction. These factors, in combination with both, prevent some cells of our body from producing more testosterone and differentiate the body in sequence. Due to which stress becomes more than mango and it affects fertility.

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Sperm Affects Cell

Taking too much painkillers increases the risk of people having a condition called ‘hypogonadism’, which affects the fertility of men and a temporary decrease in the production of sperm cells in the body. However, it is not the case that all types of medicines cause such problems or they should be discontinued immediately. Men should understand its dosage and do not depend on painkillers.

Painkiller Might be Impacting your Fertility

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