Okra water side effects

Okra water side effects: To get a glowing face, make lady’s face pack at home in these ways. It is very easy to make them.

Rich in many other essential nutrients like vitamin A, C, folate and calcium, ladyfinger is not only delicious to eat, it is also very beneficial for your skin. Often a layer of dirt accumulates on your face due to dust-soil and pollution. Due to which there are pimples and other problems on your face. To get rid of them, today we are going to tell about the ladyfinger face pack. These face packs make your face glowing and get rid of the problem of acne along with fine lines. So let’s know in detail how to make them –

Diy lady finger face pack
Okra water side effects
  1. Bhindi and Water
    Bhindi and water face pack is full of anti-aging properties. By applying it on the face, the signs of aging can be prevented from appearing on the face.

To make a face pack of lady’s finger and water, first of all take 5 to 6 ladyfingers.
Grind them by mixing them with water. This will make a thick paste.
Now apply this paste on your face.
After keeping it for 10 minutes wash your face with plain water.

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  1. Okra and Lemon
    Applying this face pack gets rid of the blemishes on the skin. You can also apply it to reduce facial hair.

First of all, take 5 to 6 ladyfingers and cut them into 2 pieces.
Boil the chopped bhindi and make a paste.
Mix 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice in okra paste.
Apply this paste on the face.
When it dries, wash the face with clean water.

  1. Bhindi and Yogurt
    Okra contains antioxidants that promote the production of collagen. This makes the skin glow.

Take some bhindi and boil them.
Make a paste of boiled bhindi.
Now mix olive oil with curd in it.
Apply it on your face for 10 minutes.
After that wash the face.
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  1. Bhindi and Cumin
    Applying a face pack containing okra and cumin helps in reducing wrinkles along with fine lines in the skin.

To make a face pack of lady’s finger and cumin, take 8 to 10 ladyfingers.
Boil half a teaspoon cumin seeds with all the ladyfingers in water.
Now apply this water on your face and neck after it cools down.
Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
After drying wash your face with clean water.

  1. Bhindi Paste
    Applying okra paste as a face pack helps in tightening the skin. It reduces wrinkles and brings glow to the face.

You can also apply okra paste directly on your face.
To make this paste, first of all take some lady’s finger.
Grind them well.
Now apply this paste on your face.
After applying it for 5 to 10 minutes, wash it off with plain water.
Applying these face packs made from okra helps in getting rid of pigmentation. By applying these face packs, acne, dry skin along with other skin related problems also get relief. You can apply these twice a week. If you have any serious skin related problem or you are taking any kind of medicines, then definitely take expert opinion before applying them.

Okra water side effects:

Dr. Banerjee says, “Generally, drinking okra water is considered safe. However, for people allergic to this plant, it might pose significant adverse reactions.”

While okra water has many benefits, overindulgence may prove to be harmful.

He concludes, “This plant is quite high in fructans, a carbohydrate which can cause digestion issues for some people when consumed in large amounts. It’s better to consult your doctor first before deciding on taking this, especially if you’re allergic to this plant.


Diy lady finger face pack

Okra water for skin whitening

Okra water side effects

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