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National Deworming day deworming Treatment albendazole tablet: Not only youngsters are crazy about the unhealthy food sold in the market, but small children also consume these food by chewing them. Eating momos, burgers, spring rolls and many other junk foods not only worsen the stomach but also cause problems with stomach worms. Consumption of these unhealthy food causes worms in the stomach, due to which pain arises in the stomach. This pain later takes serious forms and children become victims of many stomach problems. If problems such as stomach worms are not treated at the right time, then the children’s intestines can also worsen. Considering the problem of worms in the stomach of children as a serious issue, the Union Health Ministry has decided to give insect-free medicines to all government schools and Anganwadi centers on February 10. In fact, National De Warming Day is celebrated on 10 February, in which awareness of problems caused by stomach worms and ways to get rid of them is spread.

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said in a tweet, “Get rid of worms, our healthy future.” Today is National Worm Liberation Day. #NationalDewormingDay is celebrated to prevent and prevent worm infection among children and adolescents. Come, take a pledge that not a single young man and a teenager be deprived of its diet. ”

The Health Ministry tweeted, “Children and adolescents from 1 to 19 years will be distributed free effective and risk-free Albendazole pills on this ‘National De Warming Day’ so that stomach worms can be treated.” ‘

You must have heard a lot about stomach worms and have taken plenty of medicines too, but do you know how they enter the body. If not, we are going to tell you how stomach worms are formed in your body.

By eating things here and there, germs get into the stomach.

By eating mud.

By drinking dirty water.

Due to rotting in the wound.

Flies sit on injury.

From exposure to dirty objects.

Excess intake of sour and sweet things.

By eating refined flour.

Symptoms of Stomach Worms

Stomach aches and cramps.

Loss of weight.

mild fever.

Reddening of the eyes.

Tongue whitening.

Smell of mouth.

Nausea and vomiting

Bleeding during bowel movements


Ringing of teeth while sleeping.

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Home Remedies to Remove Stomach Worms


If your child has a persistent stomach ache and is complaining of stomach worms, then put the dried figs in olive oil in a jar and keep it in a cool place for 40 days. After the completion of 40 days, feed the empty children little by little every morning. By doing this regularly, the problem of stomach worms of the child will be resolved within a few days.


Garlic is known to be quite effective in killing stomach worms. Grind a raw garlic clove and feed it with jaggery. Abdominal worms will be eliminated by its use. You can add a little bit of garlic juice to milk to get out the stomach worms. Give garlic milk to the child. After a few days, the tummy of the children will come out.

Neem leaves

Neem leaves are an infallible treatment to get rid of insects of children or big stomach. For this, you have to grind the neem leaves and collect its juice in a cup. Add honey to it as the amount of juice. Take this mixture. By doing this, the stomach worms will disappear.


Give children a powder mixed with celery powder in buttermilk. Taking celery buttermilk kills stomach worms. If you want, you can accompany baby with celery powder and black salt with warm water. By doing this, stomach worms are taken out.

National Deworming day, deworming Treatment albendazole tablet

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