Common Myths About Curly Hair That are Ruining Your Hair

Myths about curly hair: these 5 myths related to curly hair can harm your curly hair

Myths About Curly Hair

God has made us all different from each other. In such a situation, our face, hair and height can be different from others. Well, we are not talking about all these here, but your hair. There are some of us who have got naturally straight or curly hair. However, due to fashion and hair care, we change their style and look. If you are also one of them, who has curly ie curly hair, then here is an address for you. You will often hear some things about hair care and styling of curly hair, which you may have easily convinced. But here we are telling you what is right and wrong about your hair. For the betterment of your hair, sometimes you rely on myths, which can sometimes damage your hair. So, here we are telling you some common myths related to curly hair, which can spoil your hair.

Myths related to curly hair
Here we are telling you 5 such myths related to curly hair, which you should not believe.

# 1 It is good to apply oil to wet hair
Curly hair is often considered by people that it is good to apply oil to wet hair. Because curly bars are mostly dry and dry. Thus, it is very important to moisturize them, which is done by applying oil after washing the hair. But this is not true, is accelerating. Many people believe that applying oil to wet hair makes them soft and stops moisturizing but this is not true.

Truth: We all know that water and oil cannot be mixed. This means, if you apply oil on wet hair, the oil stays on the outer hair. It can make your hair shiny for some time but it has nothing to do with moisture or softness. For a healthy shine, you can apply this hairmask on your curly hair. This will help to moisturize your hair and make them soft.

# 2 Do not brush curly hair
Do you agree that curly hair should not be brushed? Probably not, because combing curly hair is a difficult task because curly hair is quite tangy. But this does not mean that you do not brighten your curly hair. Also, some women find that brushing their beautiful looking curly hair causes a lot of hair breakage. While this is not true.

Brushing hair into the hair improves the blood circulation of your scalp and also promotes natural oil production to moisturize the scalp. Therefore, to improve hair health, you should brush your hair.

# 3 no more trimming needed
Some people feel that there is no need to trim curly or curly hair. But this is a myth, which we should stop believing. Trimming is necessary not only for styling, but also for hair growth. Trimming the ends of hair also reduces two wavy hairs and promotes faster hair growth. If you want to lengthen your hair, you should trim them at regular intervals. Like if you trim the hair once in three months or six months.

# 4 Protective Hair Style Prevents Hair Loss
Often, curly hair is recommended for hairstyles like boxer braids. Protective hairstyles such as boxer braids are believed to protect hair from damage. While this is incorrect. Tightly binding the hair will not reduce the risk of hair loss. Most girls with curly hair use these hairstyles and dupattas to protect them from hair loss. While these are only good for a trendy look but are not helpful in protecting hair from damage. Reverse hair can cause damage to them too tightly.

# 5 use the same product for many things
Multitasking products may look good and useful but they may not be so good for your curls. Use conditioning and conditioner for conditioning and shampoo for hair cleaning. One product cannot function as another product. To maintain hair strength, shine, and softness, follow a proper haircare routine and choose the right haircare product.

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