If the children have to be silenced, then the video is played on the mobile phone. When the child is being diabolical, he sat on the TV in front. When the child is stubborn, he put a game on mobile and stopped it. These habits are found in almost every household where there are young children. Parents often give up these screen gadgets to save their lives, which calms the child down and focuses all his attention on mobile, TV, laptop, tablet, computer screen. But do you know that by doing this you are spoiling the eyes of your own children? Yes, perhaps you are unaware that gadgets with all digital displays emit a special blue light that damages the eyes. It also affects the eyes of the elders. But most of all they are dangerous for the eyes of children. Let us tell you why this happens.


Mobile can damage the retina of children’s eyes

When a child is born, all the development of its organs does not take place in the womb, but gradually its body and organs continue to grow. Therefore the age up to 18 years after birth is generally considered as the developmental age of children. In such a situation, when you give a mobile phone to small children, the blue rays emanating from it can damage the developing retina and cornea. Research says that looking at this blue light for a long time, the light sensitive cells of the retina of the eyes begin to be destroyed. It can also cause cataract-like disease or blindness in the long run.

Many diseases can cause hunting

When looking at a mobile, children or older, the eyes blink less. Due to less blinking of eyes, the eyes become dry and tired. Due to this, children may have headache problem, inability to sleep, imbalance in hormones at an early age. Imbalance in hormones and decrease in sleep gradually make children mentally weak and can also increase body weight. So by giving mobile phones to children, you are actually playing with their health.

How long can children watch TV / mobile?

It is very important to set the limit for the use of screened gadgets such as mobiles, TVs, laptops, tablets etc. Therefore, you should strictly follow the things mentioned below.

Do not let a child below 18 months, ie one and a half years, use any screened gadget.
You can show a little time screen for a video call to children between 18 months to 24 months, ie one and a half to 2 years. Apart from this, you may be allowed to sit for some time and watch TV.

Allow children aged 2 to 5 years to use screened gadgets for 1 hour throughout the day.
Do not allow 5 to 8 year olds to use gadgets with more than 2 hours of screen a day.
Children and adults older than 8 years should not use more than 3-4 hours of screen gadgets in a day.
If a child is doing an online class, doing research in connection with studies or is doing adult work from home, then he / she will have to sit longer in front of the screened gadget. So in such a situation, these screen gadgets should be used only by wearing glasses with blue light filter.

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