Massport Job Opportunities

Massport Job Opportunities with Salary.

Bachelor’s degree, High School Diploma or GED
Driver’s license
Computer skills
CPR Certaaification

Massport Job Opportunities with Salary. The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) is currently accepting offers / applications for the Port Officer Apprentice position (Negotiation Unit, Local Union No. 170) in the Maritime department. The port officer apprentice performs security work in relation to all those assigned.

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Essential work tasks

Protects life and prevents property crimes.
Apply Massport’s policies on the use of Port property.

Challenge suspicious people; Eliminates unauthorized or rebel persons from Massport property.

Report risks.

Write and file the daily activity report with a senior officer.

Supervises all persons and vehicles entering and leaving all assigned Massport properties.
It stops all private vehicles at the entrance door, verifies the identity of each person, completes the login procedures and follows the specific control procedures of the facilities during all hours.

Close and close all doors, verify the identity of each person, confirm the identity of each person
Meets the entry criteria and completes the login procedures after normal
operating hours.

Prepare daily records.
Document and verify the information in accordance with Massport and the departmental policies and procedures in the log book, the vehicle and equipment checklist, the hourly record, the vehicle control sheet and any other report, document and documentation as necessary.Massport Job Opportunities

Complete, as necessary, all relevant information in the manual records of the above information.

Performs rounds on foot, by bike and / or on Massport patrol / vehicle every hour and recorded on the monitoring devices.
Check all the doors and gates.

Check the perimeter fence.

Monitor boat docks and verify all berthing areas and boats in the berth.

Tickets for all cars parked illegally.

It will safeguard all confidential security information (SSI) in accordance with 49 CFR, parts 15 and 1520, and will support Massport’s policies and procedures.

Perform other tasks as necessary and as requested.

Job Requirements and Qualifications

EDUCATION LEVEL: High school diploma or equivalent is required. Preferred degree

RELATED FIELD / FIELD EXPERIENCE: You must have a required 1 to 3 year security experience.

Valid and current driver’s license without restrictions, except for corrective lenses and
automatic transmission.

Ability to become a special state police officer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as required by the Massachusetts State Police Certification Unit

Ability to attend and successfully complete the firearms training program.

Possibility of obtaining a Massachusetts license to carry a firearm.

Ability to qualify with a firearm annually.

Ability to become the first qualified responder.

Ability to obtain a CPR certificate and qualify annually.

Ability to work on all assigned Massport properties.

Basic computer skills are required.

Police Academy certification is required.

Ability to pass a physical and personality assessment prior to Massport placement, controlled substance detection and background check and safety.

Supplementary Information

Environmental parameters: Ability to work on any property of the Massachusetts Port Authority in all weather conditions (heat, cold, humidity, dryness, humidity); on all types of terrain (fields, near water, on busy roads, at high altitudes); in an environment with conditions that may include: fumes, odors, gases, chemicals and dust; and under conditions that may include: proximity to moving mechanical parts, electric shocks, exposure to cables and chemical agents.

Physical demands:
Strength: ability to lift up to 200 pounds. (approximately); exercise up to 50 lbs. of force occasionally, and / or up to 25 lbs. of strength frequently.

Type: Show clarity of vision beyond 20 feet, and 20 inches or less, and three-dimensional vision; express or exchange ideas through the spoken word; perceive the nature of the sounds; judge the relationships of distance and space; stand, walk and lean over / inside cars to verify proper identification; perceive attributes of objects such as size, shape, temperature or texture; work in conditions where there is a danger of injury and mental stress; and respond to all types of emergencies and distressing conditions.Massport Job Opportunities

WORK SCHEDULE: Ability to work any shift as assigned, including weekends and holidays during a 40-hour work week, and must have the ability to work overtime as assigned, including weekends and holidays.

EQUIPMENT USED: Security equipment, computer, gun, OC foam, OC spray, cane, handcuffs, bi-directional radio, telephone, binoculars, optical scanners, camera, electronic equipment, recorder, typewriter, charts, diagrams, federal statute books and state, reference books, patrol, ax, chisel, flashlight, lever, alarms, call box, fire hydrant, radio, respirator, caution sign, ladder, map, protective clothing, automatic heart defibrillator and other Massport equipment. Massport Job Opportunities

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Massport Job Opportunities

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