Know why it is essential to use a primer before makeup and the correct way to apply it

One must invest in a good quality primer for its various benefits. We can take it as another expense, but it saves your skin from the harmful effects of makeup. While applying makeup, the first step should always be to rub your face with a primer. The purpose of using a primer is to protect your skin from the harmful effects of makeup. In addition, the main concept of applying a primer is to close all open pores to prevent acne, pimples and other skin problems. In addition, a primer ensures that the makeup stays longer. But do you know what is the correct way to apply primer?

Usually, while applying makeup, people often apply a base mainly on the neck and face. However, more than this, the primer should be used in open pores to clog them. This is done to reduce the risk of skin related problems such as pimples, acne, etc. Apply a primer only to those areas of the skin where there are more open pores. In addition, one should apply a primer only with the fingertips.

Benefits of the primer

We can end up avoiding priming, but it has some surprising benefits:

•  Primer gives you a soft and velvety skin. Corrects unwanted skin tone and creates a uniform surface for applying makeup.
•  Primer helps maintain a youthful glow on the skin. The primer has anti-aging properties that protect your skin from harmful chemicals and also hides fine lines and wrinkles.
•  If you think that applying a primer will look like a mask on your face, then you are wrong. A primer gives a soft touch to the skin. After application, you can feel the difference in how even makeup looks on the skin.
•  The primer comes in a universal shade and works on all skin tones, unlike bases and concealers. Instead, there is only one use of primer for each skin tone and skin type. Its unique feature makes it different from other makeup products.
•  The most important feature of a primer is that it keeps the makeup fresh and lasts longer. This is because the primer contains the cream and the base applied during makeup.

Makeup With Beauty Blender

If you learn to use a beauty blender well, you will never have to go to a salon, as you can get the perfect look for every party at home. If your face is not well hydrated and protected from the sun, then any type of makeup cannot improve its beauty. So before starting makeup, do not forget to clean, tone and moisturize. First clean the face, then tone and then use a light moisturizer. After these 3 processes, apply sunscreen on the entire face, as well as on the hands and feet.

Use a base with light or medium coverage or a BB or CC cream to create the perfect foundation. Mix well with the help of a beauty blender and wait a while for your skin to absorb it. If you live in a warm and humid place, avoid using heavy bases.

If you have dark circles, pimples or spots on the face, it is necessary to use a concealer to hide them. Always buy a concealer that is a lighter shade than your skin tone.

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