Know Why Birth control pill does not work

Among the various methods of contraception, women prefer to consume the most contraceptive pills. One of the biggest advantages of these oral contraceptive pills is that under this measure of contraception, she can conceive as she wishes. If a woman does not want to become a mother for one or two years, there is hardly any better contraception for her. But even after taking birth control pills, if the pregnancy stops. Yes, it often fails even after being considered a good contraceptive option. There are many reasons behind this. So let’s examine some of the same reasons-

This is how impressive

Gynecologist of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, Dr. Ranjana Sharma says that contraceptive pills have their own way of working. First of all, it regulates the hormones of the consuming woman. Additionally, the main function of birth control pills is to inhibit ovulation in women. When ovulation is disrupted within a woman’s body, she does not conceive.

Take the right time

Dr. Ranjana says that there is a right time and way to start taking birth control pills. If it is not consumed properly, its effectiveness is reduced. Dr. According to Ranjana, many brand birth control pills are available in the market nowadays, so never start taking it by yourself. It is better that you meet your doctor first and start it on his advice. Always start it on the first or second day of menstruation.

Use it for three weeks and break for one week during menstruation. After that, start taking these pills again for three weeks. The order of consumption of the pills goes on like this. While taking the pill, try to make sure you have a time. For example, if you are consuming it at lunch time, then take it in lunch everyday so that there is a gap of about 24 hours between two tablets. Also, by doing this, hormones in the body are better regulated. Due to which the chances of conception are negligible.

Concentrate on storing as well

Some women place these pills in their bathroom or on the bonnet of the car. You may not be aware, but keeping the contraceptive pills in such places reduces their effects to a great extent. To maintain the effectiveness of birth control pills, they should be kept in a cool place at 75F / 25C.


There are many other reasons behind the failure of birth control pills. For example, if the woman vomits after some time, the medicine does not stop its effect and the chances of pregnancy increase. In this case, it is advisable to take the pill again. At the same time, for women who have digestive system problems, its effect may be less.

Sometimes a woman’s medical history also works to neutralize birth control pills. So while consulting a doctor, you must talk about your medical history. Also, if you are taking any special medicine, then tell the doctor about it too. Some antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-HI, anti fungal, sleep titration drugs such as sarphem, raphelfax, xylophyte, kaleta, pregesta, carbatol, luminal, tippital, felbatol, etc. limit the effects of birth control pills.


Smoking is not only harmful to health, but if you smoke while using birth control pills, the risk increases even more. Due to this, not only contraceptive pills fail, but it also increases the chances of stoke and heart attack manifold. Actually, nicotine increases blood pressure and heart rate and these pills increase the stasis in blood arteries manifold due to excess estrogen in the body. However, birth control pills of the latest generation have proven to be safe for smokers.

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