Know the Causes and Treatment of Umbilical Hernia

Know the Causes and Treatment of Umbilical Hernia: Many babies have navel protruding or bulging and larger than normal. This may be due to umbilical hernia. Generally, this problem is automatically resolved in infants. But if the baby’s umbilical cord is bulged and large even by 3-4 years of age, it can be a sign of an umbilical hernia. Let us tell you what is an umbilical hernia and why this problem occurs.

Know the Causes and Treatment of Umbilical Hernia
Know the Causes and Treatment of Umbilical Hernia

Baby belly button

Before the birth of the baby, whatever nutrients are necessary for the development of the baby, they get it from the umbilical cord by the mother. The umbilical cord is attached to the place of the navel on the baby’s abdomen. After birth, this umbilical cord also comes out with the baby. After birth this placenta is tied and cut. Since there is no vein in this placenta, the baby does not have pain. If it is not fastened, it naturally closes itself.

Why is umbilical hernia

By 3 years after birth, all the internal organs of the baby develop. In such a situation, if any internal organ presses on the weak part of the baby’s stomach, then that part emerges. This condition is called umbilical hernia. This hernia is common in children, but elders may also have this problem. Usually 10 percent of the children have this problem in the initial days, in most of the children it is cured on its own.

What is the treatment of bulging navel

Surgery is needed if the bulging navel of the baby is not cured by the age of 3-4 years. Sometimes the child is in pain due to this hernia or has problems in blood circulation, even then surgery is required. Sometimes, stomach pain can also be the reason for children’s stomach pain, so in such a situation, please contact the doctor.

How is an umbilical hernia examined

Doctors usually find out about the umbilical hernia by looking at the baby’s navel. In many cases, it is examined by X-ray and ultrasound whether there is any problem in the body due to umbilical hernia or pressure of any internal organs. Apart from this, a blood test is also done if there is a possibility of blood infection or ischemia.

Know the Causes and Treatment of Umbilical Hernia

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