Know the Reason of Hair Fall

Find out why women’s hair fall

»  Women’s hair fall due to androgenic alopecia.
»  Typhoid, viral infections or medicines can also be due to reasons.
»  The effect of surgery and anesthesia also affects hair.
»  Women’s hair is more prone during premenopause or menopause period.

In females, Androgenetic Alopecia is also known as Female Pattern Baldness, and this mail pattern is normally found just like Baldness. Female pattern baldness is the genetic problem of hair fall, in which the hair on the skin of the entire head becomes gradually sparse. In women, endronelectric baldness does not show an effect on the hairline like men or does not completely become a cause of baldness, but hair is gradually decreased. Women’s hair falls due to many reasons. With aging, both men and women decrease the thickness and thickness of the hair, being thin in the hair is a natural process known as invasive alopecia. This happens when the excessive amount of hair fall in the pores of the resting phase and the growth phase is low.

•  Loss before premature hair is a genetic problem called androgenic alopecia. This is a common form of hair falling in women. But the time of starting the baldness and the pattern (pattern) varies according to the gender. The problem of hair fall in men troubled by this problem can only be from adolescent stage, whereas the problem of hair fall in women is generated after 30 years. In females, androgenetic alopecia is also known as female pattern bald ness. Women with this problem lose their hair in full head but the hairline does not move backwards.
•  However, this is a major indication of the increase in thoroida due to the entire baldness of hair loss. Being active or less active in thyroid gland is related to hair loss but it is a matter of great comfort that along with the treatment of thyroid, this problem is automatically reduced. Several months after major surgery too many hair The loss of does not decrease. This may be due to delay in the effect and recovery of anesthesia and anesthesia.
•  Hair too gets worse due to high fever, typhoid or viral infection for too long. This is not a permanent problem and can be cured with the treatment of these diseases. Apart from this, certain types of medicines, such as medicines taken during treatment of blood diluted, vitamins A supplements, arthritis, medicines related to heart diseases, BP pills, contraception medicines, or even the use of sleep medicine. Slight increases.

•  During pregnancy, the balance of hormones called estrogen in women’s body worsens, due to which the hair also flows rapidly. It can be reduced to a lesser extent by focusing on catering during pregnancy.
•  Both estrogen (female) and testosterone (men) are found in both body hormones and body systems of body (body systems), but both men have different levels of hormones in men than men. Estrogen levels in women are higher than testosterone, whereas in men it is the opposite.
•  Estrogen is compulsory hormone which is responsible for the sexual development of women’s reproductive organs. Due to the natural and high presence of feminine hormone estrogen, it helps in protecting the pattern from Boldness, which inhibits the effect of testosteherone, thus there is relief from the genetic problem of hair fall to some extent.
•  However due to hormonal disturbances which can be due to various reasons, the level of estrogen falling in women can give testosterone a chance to be converted into DHT, which causes hair fall.
In addition to genetic factors, the problem of hair fall in women can also be caused by the imbalance of thyroid hormones, treatment of pregnancy, menopause, diseases and medicines. The beginning of hair fall in women is mostly seen during the period of the premenopause or menopause when the level of astro jane is unbalanced to reach a lower fixed level and reduces the deficiency of estrogen against testosterone.

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