Is it weird to keep your children’s teeth?

Is it weird to keep your children’s teeth? You will take care of your teeth, only then they will support you for life. It is very important for the teeth to be healthy, for this, it is important that children are taught or taught juicy habits from the care of teeth since childhood. As a result, the child does not have to suffer painful pain in the teeth. Teeth begin to form in children after 3 months. Children 6 years of age have 20 teeth. In some children the teeth grow quickly and in some they grow late. In addition, many children have bad teeth early in their childhood. In this case, dental care also plays an important role in raising your children.

Best ways to keep your Childs Teeth Healthy
Is it weird to keep your children’s teeth?

In Newborns

Until the baby’s teeth come out, periodically wipe its spices with a clean cloth. At the time of sleeping, give the children water instead of milk bottle, because there is a possibility of plaque due to sugar in the milk.

After the First Tooth

You can brush your baby as soon as the first tooth comes out, but remember always use the softest toothbrush.

4-6 Teeth

Whenever your child brushes, keep in mind that it is under your supervision. Brush the child in sports. You can also hum the song while brushing.

When the Kids go to School

Although it is not possible to keep children away from chocolate or candy, but you can try to make your child eat at least sweet. Give the child a healthy diet in lunch, so that he does not eat vomit-straight things when he is hungry, because snacks also cause as much damage to the teeth as candies.

Good Habits

When your child starts going to school, get him into the habit of drinking water after eating anything sweet. Visit the dentist once a year and get the brush done twice a day.

This start will protect your little teeth. But for this, you will have to follow the discipline and you will also have to start the exercises and efforts to keep your teeth healthy.

Is it weird to keep your children’s teeth?

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